This is a photo of my toad friend who lives on my patio. Tif always looks grumpy even though I can tell they are not. I clipped the photo to a mask from the kit and transformed it so it would take up most of the page. I painted black onto the mask with a low opacity brush to fill in a slight amount where Tif's face was. I used the shape tool to make Tif's Thought Bubble.
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  1. et designs
  2. NLD Designs
  3. Vicki Robinson Designs
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Reactions: Su_Sanne
Ha Ha great shot of your garden friend!! Hard to tell is he smiling?? What a fun page and wonderful use of this great mask!!
You create the most enjoyable pages, Chris. Love your little patio friend. Great work with the mask. I'm not sure about the smile but will pretend that I see it. ;)
Great shot! Such a sweet LO. Poor little frog. Surely he would like to be an enchanted prince. :cool:

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