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  1. Sailing


  2. Rear View Mirror

    Rear View Mirror

    Why is it some people cringe when hearing the sirens and seeing the flashing lights in the rear view mirror..... automatic response that you were doing something wrong?!? I recently got pulled over, I panicked even though I knew I wasn't speeding! The kind officer wanted to tell me that I had a...
  3. Water Water Everywhere

    Water Water Everywhere

    Done for the July 52 Inspirations Challenge #3 I blended my photo into the background with the Overlay blend mode.
  4. This


    Old family photos
  5. Take Me Back

    Take Me Back

    Photo ~ 1950
  6. Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Made for the Big Photo challenge. I took an oldie and made is full page. Blended some paper in and used the stamp filter to get some sand structure back. Also lighting effects and a shape layer (blended into background. I colored Karen overlay (clipped a color layer to it)
  7. June Challenge #1

    June Challenge #1

    My grandson, spending a moment with the bride. My daughter took this sweet picture at her friend's beach wedding and I thought it would be perfect for the Big Photo Challenge. I used lots of lovely elements from etdesign's Beach Therapy.
  8. Good Day

    Good Day

    ✅ OLD TIMES exclusively at OSCRAPS plus amazing layouts ✅BUY HERE for $9 a BUNDLE and get FREE alpha pack ✅https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Old-Times-bundle1.html
  9. Old-Times-web.jpg


    Fab Friday Color Play for May 2021
  10. Old Times

    Old Times

    kit "Old Times" by Et Designs Photo by Ractapopulous- pixabay
  11. Old times

    Old times

    Old times - by et designs https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Old-Times-bundle1.html
  12. etd_oldtimes-1.jpg


    Old Times Bundle by et designs
  13. Old Times

    Old Times

    What a wonderful bundle! This is perfect for your old black and white photos. I did a lot of layering with the elements and the brushes and the torn frames, which add so much to the page with their dimension! The edge brushes are a great addition, too.
  14. Future Reporter

    Future Reporter

    May Challenge #6 - Tic Tac Toe https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-challenge-6-tic-tac-toe.33662/#post-595010 Used bottom row across Photo courtesy of Thao le Hoang/Unsplash
  15. etd_hellosummer.jpg


    Hello Summer Bundle Plus FREE Add-on Mini Kit
  16. Sunset


  17. Hello Summer

    Hello Summer

    Kit "Hello Summer" by Et Designs Photo by Jills - pixabay
  18. Sea Breeze

    Sea Breeze

    I used one of the quick pages with a paper placed behind it and added a cluster and word strip to the upper corner.
  19. Ocean Therapy

    Ocean Therapy

  20. Marigolds