Family Matters
Created for the November 2021 : Challenge #6 : White Space "Family" Layout :

I Love! White Space layouts!...I dabble on creating them from time to time despite the fact that it is not my usual style!...But I think it's good to try new/different things! in scrapping!...I'm always looking for new & creative ways to infuse some new energy! into my pages...

My layout is certainly All about Family!...This photo Is My Nanny,My Brother Billy & My Grampy...The Photo was taken in 1967 at Christmas time...The Year my Brother was Born...So He is about 3 or 4 months old here...I wasn't born until the next year one month before my brother!...So...We are the Same Age for the Month of August every Year!!!...My Birthday Month...Kinda Cool!...
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Love all the brushwork Rhonda and how it really provides a fabulous background for that precious photo! Gorgeous work!

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