family history

  1. Pocklington's Mill Full

    Pocklington's Mill Full

    See individual pages for details
  2. Pocklington's Mill Right

    Pocklington's Mill Right

    This is more the art journal side of this two-pager.
  3. Pocklington's Mill Left

    Pocklington's Mill Left

    This charming 20th century painting by Doris Zinkeisen represents Heckington Mill as it is today. In 1890, the cap was blown off and the mill severely damaged in a storm. Originally it had five sails, not the eight here. A cap was purchased from a similar mill scheduled for demolition and...
  4. Winter and Denton

    Winter and Denton

    Sadie Winter and Willi Denton were step-siblings that fell in love. They married 19 February 1906 in Gilmore City, Iowa. Sadly, it appears they had no children but a number of family members lived with them through the years. Will graduated as a pharmacist in 1913 and the Dentons opened their...
  5. Nebraska 1887

    Nebraska 1887

    When the Winter family arrived in the United States in March of 1882, James had just turned 20 om 16 January. The family proceeded from New York City to Livingston County, Illinois where Jane’s sister and brother-in-law Holland and Ellen Eyre Catton and brother and sister-in-law George and Alice...
  6. The Catton Sisters

    The Catton Sisters

    These 3 women are related by marriage. Alice (bottom) married my 2X great granduncle George Eyre. Her sister Mary (middle married Charles Cooling Sr. and their son Charles Junior married my 1st cousin twice removed Florence Mary Todd. I haven't figured out Anne yet, but know she is their...
  7. Unlike any other

    Unlike any other

    My great-aunt, who definitely was not a fan of people
  8. Ruby and Bet

    Ruby and Bet

    My old family photos fascinate me. My grandmother looks older here (before the war) than she did at 60 when she reinvented herself as an artist and world traveller :-)
  9. Winter Family Heritage

    Winter Family Heritage

    Winter is my mother’s maiden name, so this is the PERFECT collection for my mother’s paternal line. This is about my 2X great grandparents. Their children are depicted in birth order, except for the 5th born child, daughter Mary who lived only 9 months. My great grandfather was their youngest...
  10. Williams---Aunt-Nellie.jpg


    Journaling reads: By all accounts, Aunt Nellie was quite the character. She was expelled from school in England for refusing to pay for sewing supplies and was quite happy to go home without learning that skill. She must have been about 6 or 7 years old. She was 8 when the Winter family...
  11. Phenomenal Women

    Phenomenal Women

    This is my Mom, my MIL, and my daughter at 6 months old! For the August Color Play
  12. Challeng 7 Family

    Challeng 7 Family

    I used the Oscrap's A Brave Heart. Collab We took this family photo at Christmas last year. I did some blending on the page and made a layered border on the left side of the page.
  13. Althorp.jpg


    The Spencers are part of my family tree. Top photo is Georgiana (Duchess of Devonshire), Harriett (Duchess of Bessborough), and George John (2nd Earl Spencer) Spencer. The bottom is George's wife Lavinia Bingham and their son John Charles (3rd Earl Spencer) Spencer. Their ancestral home...
  14. Mess The Pocket 09 and Beach Vibes Only

    Mess The Pocket 09 and Beach Vibes Only

    Lilach Oren Mess The Templates 09: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-templates-09-mess-the-pocket-lilach-oren.html Beach Vibes Only: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-collection-beach-vibes-only-lilach-oren.html
  15. Savage?


    Bit of a mystery here - a DNA connection on Ancestry sent me this pic of my great-great-uncle and his wife. His brother got my great-gran pregnant behind her husband's back (no secrets in the age of DNA!) BUT it is his wife who is the absolutely twin to my DD. Presumably lots of inbreeding in...
  16. Dream Big Little One

    Dream Big Little One

    Created with CRK Designs Dream Big Little One (Boys). My now 11-year-old grandson, when he was 18 months old.
  17. Dream Big Little One

    Dream Big Little One

    Our new designer, CRK Designs has the sweetest kits in her store! I used Dream Big Little One (Boys) for my layout. I used a picture of my grandson, who is now 11 years old, when he was about a week old.
  18. Mom & Dad Wedding - AnnaLift 6/24-7/7/22

    Mom & Dad Wedding - AnnaLift 6/24-7/7/22

    I am in a heritage mood - this is my Mom & Dad's Wedding 6/28/1943 which is just around the corner. They were married 62 years 11 months, Products used: Anna Aspnes APP Autumn Romance, APP Romance, & APP Rudenja, AT Romance, AASPN_Magic Sprinklez6_4 scatter hearts, AASPN_Splatters13_6 Fonts...
  19. Letter The Pocket Template Pack 03

    Letter The Pocket Template Pack 03

    Brand new, in the store, Lilach Oren's Letter The Pocket Template Pack 03! These are all 8 1/2 x 11 and perfect for scrapping a special memory. I used Letter The Pocket Template 3 to capture these memories with two of my grandchildren from 2015. I absolutely LOVE the two long, narrow "pocket"...
  20. Challenge #5 Heritage

    Challenge #5 Heritage

    This is my favorite picture of my mom, my grandma and grandpa (I called him Poppy). I estimate the photograph was taken in about 1931. She was probably about 8 years old and from the very start, she was "Daddy's Girl". I just love how handsome my grandfather was and what a beautiful, classy...