1. Wm-Claiborne-Jamestown-Early-History-800.jpg


    A myth is a sacred, paradigmatic story symbolizing a particular group's beliefs and values. It therefore expresses what it means to be a member of that group. A second meaning is something that just isn’t true. Both meanings apply to the commonly held belief that the Pilgrims of the Mayflower...
  2. Claiborne-to-Jamestown-1621-1622-800.jpg


    William Claiborne accompanied Governor Sir Francis Wyatt and arrived in Virginia Colony in October 1621 aboard the George as the official surveyor for the Colony. Jamestown was only 14-years old, and Virginia was mostly still wilderness. About 5 months later, on 22 Mar 1621, the Powhatan...
  3. Lost In A book

    Lost In A book

    Delicate Collection Bundle by Mixed Media by Erin Template: Kaleidoscope templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs
  4. Beautiful Memories

    Beautiful Memories

    Lovely Day by Natali Designs
  5. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Twinkle Dreams kit by Sweet Doll
  6. Take a Train Ride

    Take a Train Ride

    Highlights Collection Bundle by Mixed Media by Erin
  7. Life's Journey

    Life's Journey

    Bloom Street kit by Sweet Doll
  8. Sunday Jan 14

    Sunday Jan 14

    Journaling reads: No family get-together is complete unless we play games. Qwirkle and Code Names are the most recent favorites. And the fun part is that the grandkids are old enough to play, too! But, it is a bittersweet thing, too! No more baby hugs and kisses! Instead of playing games...
  9. Saturday Jan 13

    Saturday Jan 13

    Journaling reads: Saturday morning and time for going to Brad and Elisabeth’s. Nat, Sam and Addy got to the house a little after 11 a.m., unloaded and we headed to Elisabeth’s. I was excited to begin our day of family time! We were sad that Michael, Jessica and K were not able to be with us...
  10. Friday Jan 12

    Friday Jan 12

    Journaling reads: Family Time! What a wonderful time we have together! With everyone’s busy schedules and the fact that we are scattered across four states, it is only a couple of times a year that we manage to be together. And the weekend is jammed full of activity! Since Nathanael’s...
  11. Family Photos

    Family Photos

    Photos from our Family Get-Together Christmas Celebration in January 2024.
  12. Dirty Santa

    Dirty Santa

    Journaling reads: The cousins used to exchange names for Christmas gift buying. Since they are older now, last year we decided to play Dirty Santa and include the adults. Last year, not much stealing/swapping was done. This year, however, a little more of the stealing/swapping was done. I...
  13. It's A Good Day to Be Happy

    It's A Good Day to Be Happy

    Ordinary Life Element Pack by et designs I'm Ready Mixed Media Artistry by Rachel Jefferies Color Crush 63 Artsy by Joyful Heart Designs
  14. Spring Fancy

    Spring Fancy

    Fragrance Collection hand drawn by Christine Art
  15. Choose Adventure

    Choose Adventure

    Life: Choose Your Adventure Collection Bundle by Mixed Media by Erin
  16. Give and Take

    Give and Take

    Done for the Mixed Media Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2024-02-rachel-jefferies-february-2024-mixed-media-challenge.39256/ Journaling reads: My poor hubby….down for the count. We fought the COVID battle together this time around! Third time’s a charm? If so...
  17. You + Me

    You + Me

    Journaling reads: “…and the two shall become one…” Mark 10:8
  18. Family Together

    Family Together

    Done for the Sweet Doll February Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/sweet-doll-february-2024-challenge.39264/ Journaling reads: We had a wonderful time during our Christmas gathering. 1/13/24
  19. Love Without Limits

    Love Without Limits

    Symphony Of Moments Collection by Palvinka
  20. Simply Smitten

    Simply Smitten

    Done for the Momma O Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/vicki-stegall-designs-momma-os-february-2024-challenge.38927/ Journaling reads: Always taking care of business in your beloved woods. Even COVID doesn’t keep you down! 2/2/24