Baby Bath

Baby Bath

In this layout I used everything from the new Sayonara collection except the template--I was going for a textured-ish look for my photo, but changed gears about the texture on the skin after I saw it. I compromised by laying down an artsy paper, blending in the photo using color burn mode, adding a solid light paper underneath the artsy paper, and masking away certain artsy areas to restore the baby's skin tones. I corrected any leftover color-burn effect by duplicating the photo on normal blend mode and masking around that so only the normal skin tones remained. Because the eyes got greenish somewhere along the way, I wound up repeating this move to restore a closer eye color. I'm sure there's an easier way to do this, but I work on an old version of Photoshop Elements so there's that. I placed two multimedia Magicsprinklez clusters around the word cluster to reinforce the vertical nature of the layout. To finish, I applied Artsy Paper No 1 as an overlay, on multiply blend mode at reduced opacity, again masking out wherever the paper overlay texturized the baby.
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Look at him looking so alert!! Wonderful focal photo, nice of the holder to wear a matching shirt, makes your job easier - ha ha! the vertical clusters look splendid!
OH! He looks like baby yoda! And I kept trying to figure out how you got rid of dad's head, then I saw his feet! LOL! Great explanation of your process.
He's adorable! I love how you managed that textured look while keeping the colour of the baby's skin - I love it!

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