Mrs Brodie's buttons.jpg

Mrs Brodie's buttons.jpg

When I was a very small child we had a neighbour called Mrs. Brodie who would let me play with her button box, it was treasure of my wildest dreams!

I started with an artsy paper then layered on top another transfer that I recoloured by just moving the Hue slider until I got the teal shade I wanted. On top I've layered further overlays and nearly everything from MultiMedia MagicSprinklez No 4 ending with Seasons WordArt clusters No 1
Fantastic both my mother and grandmother had a button box, and we were allowed to play with them. What a wonderful memory and layout.
Great story. I have my mom's button box, a friend's, and now my own I've accumulated. Love the teal transfer and ALL the sprinklez.
Standing O, my dear!

This really touched me!! My great-grandma owned and ran a mercantile store back in the 20s and she saved many of the buttons from the store. Some were still on their cards! She used to keep them in a tin and we would play with them for hours and sometimes she would let us take a pretty one home. My mom made me a dress and sewed pretty pearl buttons from G-Gramma's house on it!! I was so proud!

That said - to your layout! I love the texture you have created!! The gesso, paint. lace. and sprinkles really make me want to touch the page and see if it's real!! Perfect extractions and blending!
Love the blending and horizontal design! Love your story. I have my grandmother's buttons. My granddaughter loved playing with them.

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