Sleepless in North Carolina

Sleepless in North Carolina

Done for the Mixed Media Challenge #7 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-7-artsy-mixed-media.36843/
Journaling reads: I cannot remember the last time I got 8 straight hours of sleep! Even when I get 6 those hours are generally interrupted by the need for a bathroom break or to flop to the other side so I can give one hip or the other a rest. I don’t do too much yawning during the day unless I am reading!
Since I added gesso on top of the curled tag and filmstrip, I made 3 copies of the gesso and inserted them in between the tag and filmstrip, added one on top of the tag and one underneath the filmstrip. Then I clipped the top gesso to the tag. That allowed the shadow for the curled tag to remain. Then I clipped the middle gesso to the filmstrip, allowing that shadow to be seen. The bottom copy of the gesso is the one I added the slight drop shadow to. I did the same process with the gesso above right. I used the same process with the paint on the title paper strip. i did not add a texture or shadow to the paint. I did add texture throughout the page using Anna's spackle kit. The rest of the page is Rachel's.
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Beautiful job on the spackled background texturizing, very chaotic looking, like messed-up covers from tossing and turning. And I can definitely relate to your sentiment.
Fabulous work with the textures Vicky and thanks for your process notes, I will certainly give that a try! As to getting 8 hrs sleep, yep I am with you, same thing with the sore hip and bathroom visit!! LOL!! Brilliant concept and how you translated it to a layout is perfect, wonderful work as always!

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