1. He


  2. Love Urban

    Love Urban

  3. Stories Matter

    Stories Matter

    Photo of hubby from our last research trip to the archives.
  4. Reliable Men

    Reliable Men

    for Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge June Rachel Jefferies: 12 items Butterflies, brown flower, paper holes, media stamp, 2 paper pieces, string, 3 paint splashes, ephemera Manu Design Studio: 11 items 4 background overlays, frame, 2 tabs, leaf, word strip, 2 flowers,
  5. Boys to Men

    Boys to Men

    Dreamcatcher by Karen Schulz Designs embodies the theme of chasing your dreams, setting goals, and never giving up. The kit features colors Blue, Green, and Gray, with pops of Yellow and Black well suited for masculine-themed pages.
  6. B is for Boy

    B is for Boy

  7. Wonderful You

    Wonderful You

  8. AnnaLift_Old Man

    AnnaLift_Old Man

    My old man’s portrait taken in 2019. The text reads: “Live for the moments” “Old men's eyes are like old men's memories; they are strongest for things a long way off.” ~ George Eliot. Construction: I started with the FotoInspired Template Pack 2Y #1, deleting the frames and shrinking the masks...