Let’s Talk 52 Inspirations…

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Hi y’all!

I made a video message for you explaining a little about 52 Inspirations, it’s history, how it works and what’s up with 2017!  I hope you enjoy!

Let's Talk 52 Inspirations




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  • Pups_r_Paps (aka: Sharon) says:

    Congrats on 10 years of “Inspiration”!! You must have started designing when you were a teenager.
    I looked at my stash and discovered 5 “inspiration” kits, all purchased this month for the Advent Challenges. You’ve really got me thinking about subscribing for the entire year of 2017 – $30 for 52 mini kits??!! – that’s a no brainer.

  • Ann-Charlotte Eriksen AKA Bebimora says:

    Happy new year sweetie and I’m happy to hear all is going good with your surgerys.
    I’m also happy to hear the subscription 2017 is on it’s way, I was getting a little bit worried but I thought you will tell us in good time. All the best from a never quiting fan. Hugs and kisses 🙂

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