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Vicki Robinson

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Do you (or anyone) still do "photo-a-day", 365, or 52-week photo challenges? I know they were very popular for a number of years. I remember doing maybe three years in a row of those kinds of challenges — but with 52 picture layouts with the photos, not just the photos themselves. If I recall, sometimes we had themes for the photos and sometimes not.

Whatever happened to that?


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I have wondered this too! I know that a few members here did the 52 week photo challenges Scrap-genie and Felis to name a couple, but not sure why it stopped??


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I did the photo a day a few years ago. I salso cropped *Project Life for a few years, then went to my own spin "Project 12" where I did at least one page for each month. I kept that up for a couple of years. Not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but I used pocket pages for all of them.


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I tried it a number of times but I only managed to finish Project 52 one year. I love looking back at the photos I took that year. I'm thinking of doing it again next year.


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I have wondered this too! I know that a few members here did the 52 week photo challenges Scrap-genie and Felis to name a couple, but not sure why it stopped??
I can't remember why I don't finished mine. Did I get angry for something or maybe happened something sad which I wasn't able to handle?! Honestly I can't remember. As a cat foster mom I'm too often surrounded by suffering and loss and it's very difficult to scrap in this diary form running in circle around the pain without to share it directly. Or I'm just get mad about some other challenge and not wanted to share with these people anymore. I don't know, they both sounds possible, but it was long ago.

I wonder if people just got too busy?
I will make 365 in 2023 as then I'll be on 36 and I think it would be funny to make this''365 days on 36 Project''.

I don't think that people are more busy now than from when it was popular. Just like every trend, people get bored after few variations. Also Instagram gives quick and easy way to get attention and validation from much more people, so scraping is not priority anymore for such a long project.


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@felis I think we both fell behind and had done it not just one year but multiple. I struggled to belatedly finish the last year I did (2018). But then I got a coupon for a free Shutterfly book last year and just took a selection of my pages for 2020 and did a book to remember that pandemic year. I would not have wanted to be doing a 365 or 52 project then. It requires taking photos, if not everyday, nearly. It gets repetitive if your life isn't very exciting. :rolleyes: I did a photo and page every day (all 366) in 2008. That was where I started. After that I did less ambitious years several times.
You can see our last efforts here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2019-project-life-365-52.30632/

And it seems to take a community working along together to make it a pleasure and not a chore.


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I always admired people who could get into the swing of taking photos every day/week and then scrapping them. I tried several years in a row but never made it past a month or so. I agree, Jean, I think the more people you do this with makes it easier, probably through encouragement and support.
I think I got bored with taking pictures of my coffee mug every day, there was not much else going on. LOL


I made a layout about this, january 19th, 2009!
I guess I did not make it past 2 weeks of daily pictures!