June 2021 - Standing O's


I love the O!

Have you seen a layout in the gallery that makes you go "wow!" ... if so, we want to know about it.​

Share it with us here and link us up so we can all say "wow!" together!!!

It's not just the CheeryO's that can showcase pages here ... anyone can post!

So if you see something you think is worth sharing, please show us!!!



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Thank you So Much, Chris!!! :) . I was just trying to get some photos of the dogs with the pretty little white flowers. When I downloaded the photos, I laughed when I saw this one. I just knew I had to add a joke to the photo. That was over a year ago. Mick is no longer with us. He passed over the Rainbow Bridge last year. I'm glad I have this fun photo for a memory, and your posting it here makes it even more special. <3


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As a genealogist, I get goosebumps when I hear someone finding precious photos from the past. Then to turn that treasure into such a fantastic layout - I absolutely love it. Excellent photo treatment, blending and clustering. Well done @lovetodecorate

Thanks so much, Eva, such a wonderful surprise this morning!!!


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Stunning design from cyanne22! I love the subtle color and the perfect photo effect!