june big photo challenge

  1. JuneChallenge07_BigPhoto.jpg


    Kit Used: Kindred Spirit by Vicki Stegall Image courtesy Pixabay
  2. 22-06_O_June-Challenge-#7---Big-Photo


    June Challenge #7 - Big Photo https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-7-big-photo.35614/#post-627926
  3. Baby African Elephant

    Baby African Elephant

    Baby African Elephant at the Houston Zoo.
  4. Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Made for the Big Photo challenge. I took an oldie and made is full page. Blended some paper in and used the stamp filter to get some sand structure back. Also lighting effects and a shape layer (blended into background. I colored Karen overlay (clipped a color layer to it)
  5. Inspirational sisters

    Inspirational sisters

    A life changing event. I eventually learned to climb myself & climbed 2 of the stunning 3 sisters. I met my husband through rock climbing. We were one of the last groups to climb because of the wishes of the Indigenous people. I’ve added the names of the sisters in blue under the title.
  6. Big photo Challenge

    Big photo Challenge

    Image from Pixabay