word art

  1. la


    Just Keep Going {Collection} by Sweet Doll
  2. hj


    Created using: Happy Thoughts kit by Sweet Doll
  3. Our Empty Nest Purpose

    Our Empty Nest Purpose

    My son and his wife plan on spending their empty nesters' years camping at the National Parks across the US.
  4. Between A Rock and a Hard Place

    Between A Rock and a Hard Place

    Challenge #3 - Quote It I used pics from my son's recent hike at Mammoth Cave National Park and scriptures which have gotten my family thru life's hard moments with the quote "between a rock and a hard place."
  5. Chall #4

    Chall #4

    for the march challenge wordart
  6. I-WON---QUOTE-ART--FEB-23-WEB.jpg


  7. cold


  8. Found Family

    Found Family

    A popular reading trope is the Found Family Trope. Where people whom the main character considers to be family, has gathered around them, but who are not biologically related. So what happens if you find actual biological family that you never knew you had?? That is what happened to my...
  9. Looks like Paradise

    Looks like Paradise

    Created with Seashell Passion by Xuxper Designs, part of the June 2022 Color Play collection on sale through Monday I used a template and wordart by Anna Aspnes. The photos are mine.
  10. Linguini O'Brien <3 Braxton

    Linguini O'Brien <3 Braxton

    February Challenge #7 - Quote to Word Art — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-7-quote-to-word-art.34811 This is a whimsical take on a romantic quote :) The photo is of our family skeleton, Braxton, sitting next to his new love, Linguini O'Brien. I used a filter from Topaz...
  11. Challenge 6-Bring It!

    Challenge 6-Bring It!

    I made this page for another one of my beautiful granddaughters, just to let her know "I see her!" In addition to the credits listed below I used the fonts: Sketch Serif, Spring Flower and Snow Kei
  12. Big Photo Challenge 4

    Big Photo Challenge 4

    My son and his family (including their fur-babies) send s'more love from their home in Florida to all of us up here in Kentucky for the New Year
  13. The Mind Wants Wings

    The Mind Wants Wings

  14. Family


    for the November 2021 Challenge #7-Word Art I used Oscraps 2021 Nov Challenge Freebie by Sharon Photo Frames 04 and "FAMILY STORIES" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs private photos
  15. Issy & Dahlia

    Issy & Dahlia

    My two furry princesses. They both own me & I live to serve. Lol. Fluffy Dahlia is the black cat, she is sitting on my hobbies, on a cutting board & my bike helmet. Issy is the pretty girl on the nana blanket. I collect these blankets & I use them to fight the losing battle of cat hair...
  16. Effen behind the window

    Effen behind the window

    Made for the Wordart challenge (37) Based on a template made in Illustrator (and a Crop circle again) I turned the Illustrator fil, full of shapes and paths into a live paint one to easy the clipping I made those pics from Effen my black cat when I l;eft my house. I loved how she enjoyed the...
  17. Luca is both Wild & Free

    Luca is both Wild & Free

    Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O's) September challenge= looking forward to playing and watching our newest addition blossom
  18. Tutus to School

    Tutus to School

    I love this WA from Vicki Stegall's "Whimsy"! It's perfect for this page of my granddaughter and her best friend.
  19. Magic


    Created for the May Challenge #6 Tic Tac Toe- (word art, bow, child) Grandma holds grandbaby for firt time-It's pure magic
  20. May flowers & love in neon bliss

    May flowers & love in neon bliss

    I left “glow” alpha as is & it is pop art on the wall. The font for the quote I coloured the outlines yellow then layered it & coloured the insides blue. Used a touch of halftone & chromatic aberration distortion. The authors name I use a tiny bit of chromatic aberration perspective & warp & blend