Found Family
A popular reading trope is the Found Family Trope.

Where people whom the main character considers to be family, has gathered around them, but who are not biologically related.

So what happens if you find actual biological family that you never knew you had?? That is what happened to my mother in 2019. She did a DNA test in 2018, and has now found half siblings and new cousins that she never knew about.

This photo shows my mother meeting her half first cousin for the very first time in 2019. My mother was 82 years old and the cousin was 79 at that time. This meeting happened after they had both done a DNA test in order to determine if they were family or not. He turned out to be half family. It turns out that his father was a half sibling to my grandmother. Which makes him a half first cousin to my mother.
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Everything including the word art from The Fresh Start Collection by Lynne Grieveson.
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  1. Lynn Grieveson

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