Issy & Dahlia
My two furry princesses. They both own me & I live to serve. Lol. Fluffy Dahlia is the black cat, she is sitting on my hobbies, on a cutting board & my bike helmet. Issy is the pretty girl on the nana blanket. I collect these blankets & I use them to fight the losing battle of cat hair protection & hiding scratches. They are my shadows & I often turn around wherever I am & see little fluffy faces watching me intently. They love gardening which means needing to sniff each weed I pull out. I think they are hoping for some cat nip. I love them both & their strange ways, one is sitting on me atm. They are a huge part of my life & definitely family.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
  2. emeto designs
  3. Foxeysquirrel
  4. Idgie's Heartsong
  5. Joanne Brisebois
  6. Lynne Anzelc Designs
  7. Mediterranka
  8. Reginafalango
  9. Vero
  10. Veronica Spriggs
  11. Vicki Robinson Designs
  12. Vicki Stegall
  13. Viva Artistry
  14. NLD Designs
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Oh, what precious princesses! There's nothing like being owned by a cat (or two). I have 2 princes myself. Love the layout you created - such a lovely tribute.

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