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  1. Love


  2. Day 3 - Scraplift

    Day 3 - Scraplift

    I scraplift a page by Zanthia : https://oscraps.com/community/media/embrace-me.328350/ And I use the same kit Thanks for the inspiration @zanthia
  3. Time after Time

    Time after Time

    for the background, I blended 2 papers together to achieve the extra grungy look.
  4. BE Explore

    BE Explore

    November Challenge #6 - White Space https://oscraps.com/community/threads/november-2021-challenge-6-white-space.34364/
  5. This Is us

    This Is us

    For November 2021 Challenge #7 - Word Art using: Zen and the Art of: Flying Machines by Maya de Groot The Sketch 29 by Kitty Designs
  6. My Loves

    My Loves

    For November 2021 Challenge #6 - White Space using: DARK TO LIGHT BUNDLE by Regina Falango
  7. Nov Chall#6

    Nov Chall#6

    I duplicate 6 times one mask, change dimensions, turn it/ Then I blended my photo and paper in it, add some brushes and paints..
  8. 21-11_O_November-Challenge-#3---52-inspirations


    November Challenge #3 - 52 inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/november-challenge-3-52-inspirations.34337/
  9. November Challenge 6

    November Challenge 6

    My greadgranddaughter, Kinleigh, who visited us in October. I used Viva Artistry Autumn Equinox. Font: Birch Standard Regular Photo Credits: Ava Graves
  10. Brave Wings

    Brave Wings

    CREDITS: AnnaRelease September 2, 2016 - Plumera ArtPlay Palette - PLUMERA Multi-Media Branches No. 7 FotoBlenz Overlays No. 9 AnnaRelease August 10, 2018 - Bravura ArtPlay Palette - BRAVURA...
  11. 21-11_O_November-2021-Challenge-#6---White-Space


    November 2021 Challenge #6 - White Space https://oscraps.com/community/threads/november-2021-challenge-6-white-space.34364/#post-606326
  12. I Love My Family

    I Love My Family

    Created for the November White Space Challenge at Oscraps. White space challenges are always hard for me because I believe there is no such thing as too much paint. Vicki Robinson's frames made this page much easier.


    Created for the November White Space Challenge. Photo: My own - my nephew's twin nieces.
  14. 21-10_vrobinson-familystories


    Fab Friday Color Play October - 50% through Monday
  15. Dog Mom

    Dog Mom

    Challenge#7– White Space
  16. OS-15-BD-WhiteSpace.jpg


  17. AnnaLift Challenge 03/13/21 One Year

    AnnaLift Challenge 03/13/21 One Year

    At one year, The New York Times moved daily COVID-19 updates off their front page. Seemed I wouldn't forget our last trip to the gym, that last Friday night dance before lockdown, and how I was so scared. Case rates were falling and 20% of adults were at least partially vaccinated.