vicki robinson a perfect day

  1. Digging Punk

    Digging Punk

    Made for the Redo lay out challenge I never was satisfied about the old lay out, that wordart ruined that cute and funny photo.. Translation journaling Punk digs Wolf a Hole..right into his snout! "Punk loved digging. Everywhere there was something to dig. In the garden, on the beach and in...
  2. I'll Show Them

    I'll Show Them

    This was a bit of silliness but it felt good doing it anyway.
  3. A-Perfect-Day


    Done for the Vicki Robinson Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2023-07-vicki-robinson-july-challenge.37938/ Journaling reads: Coffee with French vanilla creamer Spending time with the Lord Scrapping Lunch with hubby Being with my BFFs Being with my children and grands...
  4. Breakfeast in bed

    Breakfeast in bed

    For Vicki Robinson Designs July Challenge I used her "A Perfect Day" Collection Photos: Pixabay
  5. Simple Pleasures

    Simple Pleasures

    Who doesn't love floating candles especially scented ones!
  6. Just Me and My Dad 2022 C & Lu

    Just Me and My Dad 2022 C & Lu

  7. Perfect-trip-in-June.jpg


    Created with A Perfect Day kit by Vicki Robinson Designs.
  8. Perfect for Birding

    Perfect for Birding

    This is my idea of perfect even though I don't follow through much these days.
  9. a perfect working day

    a perfect working day

    2023-07 Vicki Robinson July Challenge
  10. A Perfect Birthday

    A Perfect Birthday

    Created for Vicki's July Challenge! Freebie included!
  11. So Perfect

    So Perfect

    This is such a fun collection! There are no really special techniques here except for playing with neural filters and the onboard filters on a couple of the photos. I started with a plain, light background and added the planner book element then just started building these art journal pages...
  12. Boho Dreams - Artsy/Mixed Media Challenge

    Boho Dreams - Artsy/Mixed Media Challenge

    Background is paper 13 in Color Burn mode over paper mm09. Then using mm 09 again as the paper to be masked and brushed I created the mm overlay with a bristle brush and leafy texture. Stamps are placed between the paper layers. The photo is both masked and framed and there are 2 black spatters...
  13. A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    What a fun challenge :)
  14. What Could be Better?

    What Could be Better?

    My vision of a perfect day ... the journaling reads "The perfect day starts with a cup of coffee on my back patio with my favorite art magazine. Next is arting over video with my bestie so much fun! Then, to end the day, there’s nothing better than a Grey Goose Martini, dry, with a twist of...
  15. Oh, what a day it was!

    Oh, what a day it was!

    For the February Challenge #2 - Mood Board I used "A Perfect Day" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  16. So Perfect

    So Perfect

  17. What coud be better?

    What coud be better?

    What a fun challenge!!
  18. Lucille 5th BD

    Lucille 5th BD

    I don‘t know what it is about birthday cards, kids just seem to ignore them and go right to unwrapping the gifts, so i decided to wrap her birthday card this year as a gift. when she went to open it, she asked me if it was a book, lol ! I said open it and see. Gotcha kiddo !!
  19. can't forget this day

    can't forget this day

    2022-08 Vicki Robinson August Get Creative Monthly Challenge
  20. Found


    Created for Challenge #5 - Heritage. A rare photo of myself as a baby... Photo from 1978 RE Process: I recolored some of the papers and elements from Lynn's kit by placing a paper from Vicki's kit above and changing blend mode to hue...