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  1. Found


    Created for Challenge #5 - Heritage. A rare photo of myself as a baby... Photo from 1978 RE Process: I recolored some of the papers and elements from Lynn's kit by placing a paper from Vicki's kit above and changing blend mode to hue...
  2. A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day

    May Vicki Robinson Get Creative Challenge. Not my forte' - minimalism. I challenge myself to create these pages occasionally. This is a new picture of my grandson, Jordan and my great-granddaughter, Kinleigh. I used Vicki Robinson's A Perfect Day Kit.
  3. Solitude.jpg


    A new tutorial....
  4. don't forget these days

    don't forget these days

    April 2022 Challenge #4 - Artsy/Mixed Media
  5. can't forget this moment

    can't forget this moment

  6. Worn Out

    Worn Out

    Little Miss Ella, recovering from a busy day. The journaling reads: You insisted on wearing your Halloween costume all day. You pranced around the house, twirling and anointing your stuffies with your magic wand. Our wish for you is that you always take such joy with you on your life’s...
  7. Be Awesome Today

    Be Awesome Today

    Ever since I braved the art journaling pages, I can't seem to get back to my usual scrapping - the one where I create practical pages to fill my albums... hmm... This was created for this month's challenge 6 - Artsy/Mixed Media layout.
  8. Fun at the Park

    Fun at the Park

    My granddaughter this past summer. The journaling reads Our visit to the park was a great success. It was the first time you were brave enough to try the slide by yourself. When Nana came over to take pictures, you commanded “No! You go over there and sit with Gramps!” You must have gone up and...
  9. Listen to Your Heart

    Listen to Your Heart

    June 2021 Challenge - you could win a $5.00 coupon to my shop! Link below
  10. A Perfect Day

    A Perfect Day