Library Love Bundle | Connection Keeping at Oscraps Photo: Stock/Pixabay
  2. Hatching Dinosaurs

    Hatching Dinosaurs

    My son's friend (both 26 years old but who's counting?;) ) gave him a dino egg for Christmas. I made sure to document Turvey's hatching. Welcome, Turvey the Triceratops!
  3. Sketch Challenge Sept 2022

    Sketch Challenge Sept 2022

  4. Halloween Cuteness

    Halloween Cuteness

  5. Lilach Oren Mess The Template 10 {Stripes}

    Lilach Oren Mess The Template 10 {Stripes}

    Brand new template set, by Lilach Oren - Mess The Pocket 10. There are two different templates in this set. One is the traditional pocket style template and the other is more traditional. I also used Vicki Stegall's Andrea Kit, which is one of the July Featured Products.
  6. Beach Vibes

    Beach Vibes

    I used the dodge and burn tools to add a small crease to the washi tape and used the underlying layer slider on my paint layers. No blending me for me on this page.
  7. Taylor_4years.jpg


    Getting some pages done, so far behind. :-) I used the Barefoot kit, an Oscraps Collab for this page.
  8. Leila_5months.jpg


    For this challenge, I used Dandelion Days Oscraps Collab. 16 Birthday Event - Day 5
  9. Dream Big

    Dream Big

  10. The Gavotte.jpg

    The Gavotte.jpg

    Font Hamachi
  11. Make Me Happy

    Make Me Happy

    Created for the June 2022 Vicki Stegall Designer Challenge at Oscraps. The frames I used were created using the three photo vertical frame in Ransom Frames. The background consists of three layers. The bottom layer is a solid blue paper. The middle layer is a floral paper and uses the Darken...
  12. 2022-05-15-flowers.jpg


    Almost Spring by Vicki Robinson https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-almost-spring-vicki-robinson-designs.html font: gelpen heavy heavy
  13. Spring Blossoms

    Spring Blossoms

    Created with Rae's Sunshine, a Digital Scrapbook Mega Kit by the Oscraps Design Team in memory of our Cheery O Rae's granddaughter, Bailey, benefiting Autoimmune-Encephalitis.org. We will be making the donations here: https://autoimmune-encephalitis.org/donate/
  14. My Mother's Day Gift

    My Mother's Day Gift

    Challenge #7 page
  15. May Challenge #7-Use It All

    May Challenge #7-Use It All

    A fun challenge using only ten provided items. I used all ten along with clipping masks, shape tool, blending modes, colour fill and layer styles. I added the text using font 212 Dreamy Sans Regular.
  16. A Slice of Heaven

    A Slice of Heaven

    Hope I'm not making anyone too hungry with this page. lol I'm really having fun using the pocket style templates to create more traditional looking pages.
  17. Let's Party

    Let's Party

    I love this photo of my daughter dancing on the playground!
  18. Passover.jpg


    Although I'm a Christian I celebrate this very important holiday. I started with just a single paper for the background. I tried duplicating and merging the three main photo masks, but the way they are stacked makes it easier to duplicate the photo and clip them individually. Then I played...
  19. Braxton and Bif

    Braxton and Bif

    Please Welcome Lilach Oren to the Oscraps design team! — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/please-welcome-lilach-oren-to-the-oscraps-design-team.35455/unread SAVE up to 50% in Lilach's shop through April 27th.
  20. On the way to Paris

    On the way to Paris

    I took this photo in the early morming on the way to Paris (for a professionnal meeting) from the train. On the way back, I was sleeping ;-)