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    And here's the left hand side of that two-pager. These templates are just perfect for creating doulbe spreads. Lilach's store is worth visiting!
  2. Today...


    This is the right hand side of the two-pager documenting our life in 2005. I love these new super practical - yet creative - templates from Lilach Oren - the new designer here at Oscraps!!! I'm sooo hapy she's here!
  3. For you I will...

    For you I will...

    There's a new designer here at Oscraps, which is super exciting, firstly because it means lots of new goodies to play with, but also because most of those goodies are up my alley - everyday-themed kits and creative templates are totally my jam! This page is the latest addition to my heritage...
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  5. i-need-you_ml-design.jpg


  6. living the dream

    living the dream

    dreans are free - lynn grieveson https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Dreams-Are-Free-Digital-Scrapbooking-Collection.html
  7. AnnaColor: Watching Me

    AnnaColor: Watching Me

    A Canada goose watched me from across the pond, and I suspected he was guarding his mate on a nest somewhere nearby. We had gotten in a habit of visiting the pond overlook each time we toured the refuge. There were a lot of different types of ducks on the ponds and a tribe of seven magpies.
  8. I want to turn the clock back  . . .

    I want to turn the clock back . . .

    I love this quote and just had to use it for a layout: I want to turn the clock back to when people lived in small villages and cared for each other. --Pete Seeger
  9. It is spring again . . .

    It is spring again . . .

    Created for the Momma O (Vicki Stegall) April 2022 Challenge Quote: It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. ― Rainer Maria Rilke
  10. Small Blessings

    Small Blessings

    Journaling reads: There is every real possibility this was the last time my great grandfather was well enough to enjoy the company of his beloved granddaughters, my mother Ann Winter and her cousin Mary Morton who is sitting in his lap. Just 7 1/2 months later, 4 days past Mary’s second...
  11. Every Spring

    Every Spring

    Created with Featured Products April 2022. Journaling: Every spring is the only spring.
  12. Moriarity's


    Thanks to Aly @AJM for the wonderful and fun watercolor filter tut... I had fun playing and adjusting for my page here
  13. Spring


  14. full bloom

    full bloom

  15. The earth laughs in flowers . . .

    The earth laughs in flowers . . .

    Created for: Challenge #3 - Quote It - April 2022 I ran across this composite photo I created a few years ago for an Instagram group and decided to use it for a page.
  16. Leena.jpg


    Created with Tale of Tales kit by regina falango.
  17. LO1.jpg


    I came across this photo from Pixabay and had to scrap it. The twins are so darn cute in their bunny outfits. The bundle Rendezvous with the Sun by Simplette is full of bright sunny elements and clusters. I duplicated one and tucked it in behind the photos then added the vine and some individual...
  18. Moment Captured

    Moment Captured

    Just a random moment from our lives <3
  19. You Are Adorable

    You Are Adorable

    For the March 2022 Challenge #5 - White Space
  20. Together 4ever

    Together 4ever

    I don't usually have a lot of paper layers under the photo and I really loved playing with those. It's an easy way to add a lot of interest to a page.