1. Storybook Fantasy

    Storybook Fantasy

    I have saved the White Christmas layout by AnaSantos hoping to lift it sometime, and this challenge was the perfect time. Thank you for the inspiration AnaSantos! I extracted the photo of my great niece for my scraplift and put her in the winter time storybook scene. The real fantasy is that...
  2. October 2023 Challenge

    October 2023 Challenge

    I wanted to embrace the storybook aspect of the challenge, but since the kit I was using didn't have a book element and I didn't feel like looking for one from another kit, I decided to make my own. There was a stacked style paper in the kit, so I took that, duplicated it, and then played around...
  3. An old page of tale

    An old page of tale

    Created with : "Margaret" & "Tender Backgrounds" by Foxeysquirrel and "LazySummer Papercuts" by NataliDesigns and "Torn papers 01" by Karen Schultz and "Forever This" by Vicky Stegall and a personnal text. For the challenge "Story Book"
  4. October Storybook-Fantasy Challenge #3

    October Storybook-Fantasy Challenge #3

    Set against a charming town, excited children gather at the edge of a forest, wide-eyed and filled with wonder as Santa Claus guided by a spirited horse-drawn sleigh, dashes through the snowy landscape. In the heart of the forest, the trees are bedecked with a whimsical array of decorations and...
  5. where-am-i


    For the Storybook-Fantasy Challenge at Oscraps, you are welcome to play along here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-3-storybook-fantasy.38376/ There was a young sheepboy of Rye, Who was baked by mistake in a pie. To his mother’s disgust, He emerged through the crust...
  6. BE Starlight, Starbright

    BE Starlight, Starbright

    Challenge #2 - Storybook - Nursey Rhyme @ OScraps https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-2-storybook.37625/ Starlight, Starbright
  7. Hickory Dickory Dock

    Hickory Dickory Dock

    June Challenge #2 - Storybook — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-2-storybook.37625 This is my take on the mice loving life and enjoying their clock. They are having a dance party.
  8. Challenge #2 Storybook.jpg

    Challenge #2 Storybook.jpg

    Hope you join the storybook Challenge with your favourite Nursery Rhyme.
  9. Keean01.jpg


  10. teacher's prayer

    teacher's prayer

  11. Me at the age of 1

    Me at the age of 1

    Karen has had a great idea with the new collection. She wants to help us to tell our story ! You can discover the collection here.


    Fall Faeries Bundle | Connection Keeping at Oscraps Photo: Stock/Pixabay
  13. Reynaerde


    Made for the Story book/ Fantasy challenge. The text in the background are the first sentences of the famous Middle Dutch animal epos "Van den Vos Reynaerde"by "Willem" , aprtly based on the Roman de Renard I always love the story of Reynaerde (he is not a nice person but outwit every one)...
  14. Drink the Elixir

    Drink the Elixir

    Storybook Fantasy Challenge #5 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-challenge-5-storybook-fantasy.36092/ Journaling reads: Are they brave enough to drink the elixir in order to make a complete transformation from beast to man and gain the right of passage into the human...
  15. Dance with the Faeries

    Dance with the Faeries

    September Challenge #5 at Oscraps Storybook/Fantasy — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-challenge-5-storybook-fantasy.36092/ A big welcome to a new designer at the O- Daydream Design!


    Made for the September Storybook/Fantasy Challenge A Woodland Fantasy Collection by Daydream Designs Had so much fun working with this lovely collection from our newest Oscraps designer, DayDream Designs.
  17. Spring Wind.jpg

    Spring Wind.jpg

  18. Music Means Everything

    Music Means Everything

    Created For The April 2022 : Challenge #7 : Storybook/Fantasy I can't say that I can remember the last time I created this kind of layout for a storybook/fantasy challenge...But it was fun & interesting...I'm an avid music lover & do listen everyday to music...I listened to music while I was...
  19. The Great Puzzle

    The Great Puzzle

    Created using Alice by Cheryl Budden Digital Design Co Available in PS/PSE and Craft Artist Pack File Formats.
  20. A  Midwinter Nights dream

    A Midwinter Nights dream

    I started this lay out 10 May 2018 with a vague idea (I wanted Matt with antlers on a shark, great idea of Lori Davis) but I dreaded working with the pen. Now I have followed several courses in Illustrator and Photoshop I not afraid of that thing anymore ;) So I cutted the antlers and the rider...