1. Winter is the Time

    Winter is the Time

    I think I have a new artists crush. This Brazilian artist is just uber talented and some of his work is even in cross-stitch and diamond point embroidery patterns. Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is...
  2. Momma O's August Challenge

    Momma O's August Challenge

    I used the word "Majestic" for my title because living in the foothills of The Ozark Mountains is just that! This is one of the areas that we love to hike to. That's The Illinois River in the photograph. I used Vicki Stegall's Now and Forever Kit,
  3. Travelling leaves you Speechless

    Travelling leaves you Speechless

    Yellowstone Collection - =AT2pnY89nxjREK8C8esRCNng3_TrGFQvGzWRwdFYtc2Hegd8YRnkEMf-9iWS386wBAn-k2dqq0oxKBZCPMtDBi-xZftLgsPiX9XKUuH3zWw61wi7H2ZzDT730THWf4FqkackhEVW9lUfs8APP5VJoEjS7mPe0RjFWicWVYWTqMrp8fQYCh1HlH2q-TfXxjTBF_b1D8pqUWORNMsoDGo']https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking... Parts...
  4. Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet Home

    Yellowstone Collection - =AT3EhbIOSkv2eDdG5BU4PtOOtaesKSxvUs6Pk_R_V0XycpPutF57bSLjmiAl3YU8fZgwhUmHCZhmJOGlxHejJIT990OFcc3zcpLCMREddmfuOIQ2Lzax7NrkcqOuk_wEveHzf4pAb_IZD_ORwhuKB9FsOX_0GhR4nzt_PFwMRAEgJOl-PXGsrkmazfqfOPErpCn-YFH8DYwdelLH3mY']https://www.oscraps.com/.../digital-scrapbooking... Parts...
  5. AnnaColor: Mountain High in Utah

    AnnaColor: Mountain High in Utah

    Mount Olympus is visible from any location in the Salt Lake Valley. I took this photo on a walk around the condo complex. Looked like a storm was approaching, but it blew over. Used one of Anna's scenic templates. Thanks for looking.
  6. Viva Artistry Milagro

    Viva Artistry Milagro

    What a beautiful collection this is - by Viva Artistry. The name of the collection is Milagro. You can buy the Collection: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Milagro-Collection.html Milagro The Kit: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Milagro-Kit.html Milagro The Charms...
  7. Lynn Grieveson Featured Product Challenge

    Lynn Grieveson Featured Product Challenge

    The featured product, by Lynn Grieveson, is Botanical Mix: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Botanical-Mix-No.01-Digital-Scrapbooking-Collection.html
  8. There Is Magic Here

    There Is Magic Here

    Lynn Grieveson Messy Pockets 1: I used #2 and turned it to the left to make the pictures vertical. Patterned paper and elements are Lynn Grieveson Botanical Blend. I wanted a little edge around the layout (on the bottom layer), so I blended 2 papers to make the edge darker, while keeping the...
  9. Mountain Pictures - Big Picture Challenge.jpeg

    Mountain Pictures - Big Picture Challenge.jpeg

  10. Oscraps January 2022 Challenge 7

    Oscraps January 2022 Challenge 7

    I used the lyrics "Building Castles In The Sky" as my title. I used Vicki Stegall's 52 Inspirations, 2018, No. 7. My granddaughter, Ava, took this picture of my youngest daughter and grandson on December 21, 2021.
  11. Rocky Mountain National Park

    Rocky Mountain National Park

    I scanned some old slides from 1971 from our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, ooh, we were so young! And I had to add a picture of the red 1971 Super Sport Nova for my husband. It was our first new car. (maybe that's why we didn't have any money!)
  12. Anna October  Lift Challenge

    Anna October Lift Challenge

    I lifted: Art Runs Through It by mad:scrap-genie : https://oscraps.com/community/media/art-runs-through-it.355817/ I used Anna's ArtPlay Palette Ochre and Urban Stitchez #14.
  13. Outdoor Adventures

    Outdoor Adventures

    Ready to Explore Collection | Karen Schulz Designs
  14. AnnaLift 4/23- Moody Sunrise (Easter Morning)

    AnnaLift 4/23- Moody Sunrise (Easter Morning)

    We'd always remember that morning as one of the worst, calling us out for a record quick loop around the refuge. But even still, it was rewarding and it's like they say about a bad day fishing being better than a good day at work. We consoled ourselves with an Easter morning cinnamon roll.
  15. 30,000 Canada Geese

    30,000 Canada Geese

    Remember that moment. The mob of pelicans had just taken off and we stood on the road in the gorgeous sunlight and the perfect temperature. And remember how those Canada geese liked to hang out on the gravel road, leaving always at the last possible second. We had no idea why.
  16. By the Millions

    By the Millions

    Easter Sunday would be beautiful later, but first thing was a cloud cover to burn off. The lighting was very subdued. We saw the most pelicans we'd ever seen in the air at one time, and sandhill cranes and trumpeter swans up close. But good lighting is just essential for nice bird photos.
  17. BRMBR Yellow-Headed Blackbird

    BRMBR Yellow-Headed Blackbird

    Remember those tense minutes at sunrise when we didn't know the locked refuge gate was on a timer. Five hundred miles. We'd always been there early and driven on in. That sunrise brought a beautiful day. Our best first-day surprises were two deer and a pair of sandhill cranes.
  18. AnnaColor -Benson Sculpture Garden

    AnnaColor -Benson Sculpture Garden

    I liked being able to see my lifestyle choices make measurable changes to my heart health, so I learned all I could about HRV. I saw good numbers after biofeedback sessions, and worse ones under stress. I tried experiments like skipping coffee, and made myself stay in bed longer.
  19. Turn a New Page

    Turn a New Page

    There were so many places we had to stop and take in the views as we passed frozen waterfalls and scenic overlooks This type of trip was new to us. We had opted for riskier challenges in past years. This was an easy road and we knew we'd be able to take it again and see it anew.
  20. La Sal National Forest

    La Sal National Forest

    There were no tracks in the new snow except those of wildlife. We stopped whenever we wanted to look. The snow sparkled in bright sun and the temperature was perfect. With a name like Sand Flats, we didn't expect steep canyon walls, frozen waterfalls, and switchbacks.