Mountain Pictures - Big Picture Challenge.jpeg

Mountain Pictures - Big Picture Challenge.jpeg

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This is absolutely stunning!!! Love how you 'placed' the photos on the rocks and incorporated the colour from the photos in your page. Standing O!
Thank you - Their photographer was amazing! This set was free as well - She did a previous set in a field and loved the way they photographed. I was blown away when we go them back.
Great photos! And your scrapping sure matches the quality. Great layout! I'm for one is really happy that you started posting your layouts in our gallery. Thanks!
Wow amazing pictures !!! Is that the beautiful baby I just encountered in one of your designs?
Evidently Dallas Lewis is an amazing photographer, and you've used her photographs so beautifully in your pages. I love the soft colors here and the subtle textures that blend so well with the rocks.
These photos are just stunning, and you have scrapped them so beautifully. Congrats on your Standing O!

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