1. wild and free

    wild and free

  2. where-am-i


    For the Storybook-Fantasy Challenge at Oscraps, you are welcome to play along here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-3-storybook-fantasy.38376/ There was a young sheepboy of Rye, Who was baked by mistake in a pie. To his mother’s disgust, He emerged through the crust...


    Made for the September AJ Challenge Week 3 | The Full Moon https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-art-journal-challenge-3-full-moon.38362/#post-677468 Photo of the moon is my own. :) Created with Oscraps products: Lynne Anzelc products: Autumn Returns A Scrap of Autumn A Scrap of...
  4. New Moon

    New Moon

    Week 1 September Art Journaling Challenge - The Moon! — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/week-1-september-art-journaling-challenge-the-moon.38251 I wanted to put the moon in the tall antlers that were part of the kit but then I couldn't get the moon big enough for the challenge...
  5. purple


    Other than the background paper, each layer has its own blending mode. That way I was able to keep each element in the same color scheme even though they came from different kits.
  6. Flower Princess.jpg

    Flower Princess.jpg

  7. Feeling Blue

    Feeling Blue

    I duplicated the file and then desaturated the top layer of the child. Then I used a layer mask to brush a tiny amount of color back in. I used Color Overlay to change the balloon from Red to Blue
  8. 19 The Sun

    19 The Sun

    Everything by Foxeysqurrel
  9. the possibilities are endless

    the possibilities are endless

    **also available for Craft Artist**
  10. up up and away

    up up and away

    **also available for Craft Artist**
  11. Into the Forest

    Into the Forest

  12. 16 The Tower

    16 The Tower

    I am finally getting back to making my Foxeysquirrrel Tarot deck. I used one of the new background builders from Structures for the Tower itself and added the usual elements of the card around it.
  13. Structure elements.jpg

    Structure elements.jpg

  14. Gather 'round

    Gather 'round

    Isn't this frog the cutest? I thought the insects would love to hear his bedtime story :)
  15. Eyes for You.jpg

    Eyes for You.jpg

  16. Compromise


    I used lots of blending and layer masks on this page. I duplicated the woman's face and blended them into the paper (Pin Light and Lighter Color). I added layer masks to both so the curled paper edge showed through. I added some of the butterflies over and under the two files of the woman's...
  17. Summer Essence

    Summer Essence

  18. Theo: Guardian of the Gardens

    Theo: Guardian of the Gardens

    July challenge # 6 - big photo at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-6-big-photo.37913/ Meet Theo, she is my new dragon who watches over my gardens. I needed the photo to be large for the challenge, so I made a clipping mask and then added a layer mask to the...
  19. making-music.


    For the July Border challenge at Oscraps, join uw here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-2-border.37869/
  20. 02.jpg