1. August Challenge #1 - White Space / Clean

    August Challenge #1 - White Space / Clean

    August Challenge #1 - White Space / Clean The extra elements are a spin wheel, yellow paint, 2 x butterflies, frame, word art & overlay on the photo.
  2. Lazy…


    August Challenge #1 - Different size scrap My first signature. quote; There is always a certain peace in being what one is, in being that completely. Ugo Betti
  3. Leisure in the lovely blue water

    Leisure in the lovely blue water

    August 2022 Challenge #2 - 52 Inspirations I love how relaxing the water can be, even when crowded. I found inspiration through a lot of the fun & beautiful Kits. One worry is, I keep thinking of The Meg when I look at my page. I love good bad movies. I didn’t add a giant shark. So everyone...
  4. This is August

    This is August

    I heard the crickets chirp and was reminded that the end of summer is near. I became very nostalgic, the chirp, chirp, chirp triggered memories and made me a bit sad that fall is quickly approaching. Their musical sounds reminded me of taking my children to football and cheerleading practice...
  5. Squizzy Issy Sock Enthusiast

    Squizzy Issy Sock Enthusiast

    August 2022 - Challenge #7 - Oscraps Collaborations A recent sock mystery inspired my page. My kitty family. For a while my socks have been disappearing with more frequency & volume. Luckily not to the lost sock dimension but I would find them in strange places. Only my socks & didn’t...
  6. Living in the city can be demanding

    Living in the city can be demanding

    August 2022 Challenge # 3 - Creative Photo Editing I wanted to play with black & white with linear patterns.
  7. unMask Me

    unMask Me

    I'm learning, day by day, to unmask my feelings. It's a life long lesson, I think. Sketched 08.24.21 ~dj inspired by a painting lesson Challenge #5 - Art Journaling
  8. Spring Invitation

    Spring Invitation

    I went with the theme of spring & feelings of joy. I really enjoyed just letting go. The nymph who starts the spring party is in the envelope & in the mail & is just a short while away. I used many colours & flowers which I think represents spring. Colours bring me joy & there are a...
  9. We are all the same & we are all different.

    We are all the same & we are all different.

    I did sit & think about this challenge. I think nearly everyone in my life, I am grateful for & I think they are all weird somehow, they can be funny, quirky, caring, annoying but all in their special ways. I’m lucky to have those characters around me. So I wanted to show i feel that we are...
  10. A new day, a new life for me.

    A new day, a new life for me.

    I love Feeling Good sung by Nina Simone (my favourite version) & I used a lyric from the song as the title. It’s a song about freedom. If you see each day as new then thats very freeing. Blossoms, flowers herald a new day. I, from memory & learning from new children in my family & I think...
  11. Spring into life

    Spring into life

    My travel is not to a physical location, except my garden, but taking a journey looking at life with new eyes. Spring will be here in a couple of weeks & always gives me the feeling of starting anew.
  12. Big sky

    Big sky

    I had fun & really want to try again. This is what I did now. I love the photo & it captured the vastness of the sky & the greatness of the person standing on the plane. I copied each part of the sketch on a separate layer & then I hope I kept to the spirit of the wonderful sketch. Though...
  13. Buy it now!!

    Buy it now!!

    The shapes are part of the word art I created for the poster. I wanted to make it a bit of a hybrid of new age style & a little poster at a supermarket. I’m conscious of stressing about relaxing. I live in a conundrum, very stressful & I find lavender helps me to relax FAST!!!
  14. What’s the matter with you lately?

    What’s the matter with you lately?

    I think I’m in a common situation with a lot of people everywhere & the feeling of uncertainty is being felt more keenly. Alice in wonderland is a great way for me to express my worry & the feeling of travelling in an unknown confusing world. Also I hope it shows how using my imagination is the...
  15. Purple Repose

    Purple Repose

    3 photos using masks to nestle the purple in the red & orange. I love putting red & purple together. Orange is a colour I love to use all the time. I’ve used very bright colours to try to create something relaxing. 1 purple photo, 1 red & blue & 1 red & orange.
  16. Time. . .

    Time. . .

    For the challenge, I changed the flowers from a cream color to a soft pink and the grid in the back I changed from black to blue.
  17. Lüneburg - Wilsede.jpg

    Lüneburg - Wilsede.jpg

    We visit Lüneburg at least once a year to see family and friends but we don’t often go to the ‘Naturschutzpark Lüneburger Heide’. The photos are from august 2009 when we were there with close friends who sadly both recently passed away. Happy memories and a beautiful holiday!