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    Daily Ooo's: Friday, March 27

    Hi Chris and ladies! So glad to see the daily ooooo's still going on! It's been so long since I have been able to pop in and say hey!!!! I didn't want to totally miss the birthday celebration!!! Happy birthday to the "O"....who will always be my digiscrap home!! Hope you all are doing...
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    Comment by 'katg1006' in media 'winter scene'

    Stunning! Love the layering :)
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    Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, March 27

    Psssst.....Hi Chris!!! Stopping into check on the "O" family and have a cup of coffee with you all! (((Hugs)))
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    Challenge No. 1 COPYCAT

    Cynthia and Rikki! So good to see you both :) I haven't scrapped in forever trying to get back into it...this a great template to try! Off to play!
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    Comment by 'katg1006' in media 'Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II.'

    Rikki this is beautiful! Love the angle of the photo :)
  6. History


    Credits: Novel Oscraps Kit
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    Comment by 'katg1006' in media 'I still miss you'

    Wow!! I can so relate to this - beautiful!! :)
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    Comment by 'katg1006' in media 'You May Be The World (DS: TaylorMade Designs)'

    *GAH!!!!!!* Friend this is amazing!!
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    Comment by 'katg1006' in media 'Pay It Forward (DS: Taylormade Designs)'

    Love the journaling - such a beautiful lesson :) ((hugs))
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    Comment by 'katg1006' in media 'Hope (Taylormade Design spotlight)'

    Beautiful Sabine!!! Love your layering!
  11. Hope


    About my current inner struggle - where I convince myself there is hope...then I doubt it...and have to start all over again! *lol* Credits: Taylor Made: Life Lessons Add on
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    Happy {i}NSD Everyone ...

    HAPPY iNSD DAY!! :)
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    Maya de Groot designs | P365 +1 April

    Oh Maya they are fantastic!!!! :)
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    Want to know my secret?

    Very cool I always love seeing someone's creative path :) Beautiful layout!
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    I am not doing Daily ooo's any more...

    ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!! You soooo made me look!!!!!! ((hugs)) Glad it was only Aprils Fools!!