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There were no moose in the meadow below Tincup Pass, and there were no tiny sunflowers that I always loved for their perseverence. At our favorite spot down lower, we took a short hike uphill into some forest and found a mix of roses, mushrooms, daisies and much more including some fall color.
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Anna Aspnes: Papers (winter, wanderlust) FIDTPack 2Y_9, MMFlowers12_5
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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all this picking makes a pretty page very colorful that wants to postpone the autumn
The close-ups are wonderful--they allow us to look in a fresh way--and you nailed the overlaps on the photos, something that sometimes drives me 'round the bend!
As always wonderful photos and page design ...
Very often I go to google maps to see the place of your adventures ...
oh this is wonderful (have I said that before :) ) I just love the mix of color and flora, like you really looked around and observed. Really great use of frames and masks!
A glorious array of summer and the segue into fall. Love the mix! Are those footprints in the bg?
Ah Ha! I thought I had listed my supplies but so brain dead after every trip. The bg is several of Anna's Wanderlust papers. At least now I fixed the list. :rolleyes:

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