Grandma and Me 1954

Grandma and Me 1954

A precious moment with my grandmother when I was a toddler. How did she ever have 13 kids and still gave her grands more love? She is a woman I admire to this day. She lived 92 years too.

Construction: I started with ArtPlay Palette Bespoke Solid Paper #4. I duplicated the paper, applying blend mode Multiply at 50% opacity.
I used ArtsyTransfers Archive #2 as my photo mask, clipping my photo to all layers. I duplicated my photo and changed the blend mode to Soft Light. I used a warming Photo Filter on my photo.
I added ArtsyTransfers Bespoke #3 under my photo. I duplicated a ArtsyTransfers Archive #2 transfer layer and changed the blend mode to Color Dodge. I added ArtPlay Palette Archive Transfer #2 with darken mode.
I added ArtsyTransfers Archive #1 to the right side of the page, changing blend modes and turning off layers.
I added ArtsyTransfers Archive #5 to the left side of the page, changing blend modes and turning off layers.
I used various ArtPlay Palette Bespoke brushes, transfers, splatters and art strokes around the page. I added Around The Clock No. 2 #1 on the right and on the left.
For the cluster, I used pieces from 3 different Multimedia - MultiMedia Milieu No. 1 #4, MultiMedia Flowers No. 12 #2 and MultiMedia Documents No. 10 #3. I added the heart and blue button from the ArtPlay Palette Bespoke and the clock face is from MultiMedia Holiday No. 6 #3.
For the title, I used Time WordART Mix No. 1 word art “The gift of time” (removed the word “time”) and used the wood word “time” from Time WordART Mix No. 1, adding a drop shadow and duplicating it with blend mode Linear Burn. On top I added UrbanStitchez No. 13 #12.
Oh I live this so much! A lovely sentiment. I love that dark brown/rusty visual triangle.
I am in awe of this page!!! The different kits you mixed are perfect and it’s such a wonderful story About your gramma!!!

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