Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

Inspiration-It is strawberry picking time and this kit had red

Start-New File 12x12 300
Paper- Place Solid Paper 2 over the Background layer
Frames – Moved the frames for the Artsy Template
Mask – Used all the Thin Mask for the focal point
Photos – Placed the three photos from the strawberry fields on the mask lays of the frames and attached using Layer Create Clipping Mask Then attached a copy of the strawberry Salad to each of the Thin Masks using Layer>Create Clipping Mask.

Transfers – Put transfer 6 and Overlay 2 under the focal point, then added Artsy Transfer 3 Under the focal point and also so it came out between the framed photos.

Brush – Put brush 13 in red under the lower framed photo and Brush 15 in green under the upper framed photo

Element Cluster – Started with the string which I used Ctrl U to change to red, Next the Magnifying glass which in Intertwined with the string., next I added the flower, star and heart and lastly a paper strip “a very excellent supper.

Words copied some of the stanzas from Strawberry Fields Forever as journaling then used Cute Strawberry to type the title “Strawberry Fields Forever” changing the O which was a strawberry to red.
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The strawberry salad looks delicious! Beautiful photos and page. (The song is stuck in my head now, but it's a good song!)
Gorgeous layout! I love strawberries but hate picking them. The song is running through my head too. I like how you have the main photo masked with the ThinStrips.

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