Love the Serious Face_APP Shivoo_NAdams_600.jpg

Love the Serious Face_APP Shivoo_NAdams_600.jpg

AnnaColor Challenge

AMP Shivoo (Free with $20 purchase until midnight (PDT) May 9, 2022)
Charcoal Hearts No. 1_10
Paper Words No. 1
Personalized Frames No. 1_5

APP Shivoo Solid paper 1 creates the foundation. The photos were placed on the page. The extracted photo was duplicated and received a Hardlight and a Soflight blending mode. The Transfers were added to the ground. The accents and title cluster were added.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Really nice flow - love those hearts - such great hair around that adorable face, even if it is serious :)
beautiful little girl! very pretty page, I like the airy side of the design!
A serious look, but I know she's planning something! Congrats on the GSO and newsletter feature.
A fun page featuring her expression and your artsy take on the photo. And please can I be a redhead too? Congrats on the newsletter.

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Love the Serious Face_APP Shivoo_NAdams_600.jpg
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