If Not Now...
Feeling a little pensive on this Sunday morning... Thank you for looking. The journaling reads:

As a teen, I obsessed about my looks no more than others. I wasn't hideous, but I didn't have the luscious curls of some of my classmates or the dazzling smile of those who were popular with the boys. And so I worried... I fussed over my hair and experimented with makeup, secretly practiced dance moves in the bathroom and pretended to like beer. While I didn't consider myself beautiful, I was surprised to discover later in life that others did. Fast forward thirty years, I now KNOW I am attractive and I have learned to FEEL attractive too. I now value comfort and convenience more than I used to and would not even dream of applying waterproof makeup when going to the beach or hitting the slopes. And I have tried to embrace 'beach hair don't care' mantra... which I understand is about more than just looks by the way... and yet... I do care. For all my confidence, I am still a bit obsessed and self-conscious about my looks. Shouldn't I have stopped worrying years ago?
Love your layout; I so relate to your story! I felt the same way back then. Fast forward 50 yearsa and I am 90% comfortable with me - it took a long time and a lot of work.

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