1. Live for the moments

    Live for the moments

    Vibe templates by Jimbo Jambo Designs Calacatta by Maya de groot Oscraps Collab Good Times: 2 birds on an branch pictures by me thanks for looking
  2. Time for Scare on The Square

    Time for Scare on The Square

    Layout with my photos from Grayson County KY Tourism Scare on The Square
  3. Perfect Autumn Day

    Perfect Autumn Day

    Each month our designers come together and work with a single palette of gorgeous colors to bring you a virtual smorgasbord of digital scrapbooking packs and collections. New Fab Friday Color Play products are released on the last Friday of the month. Save 50% on individual packs for 4 days...
  4. Rick


    Made with the amazing templates Zipper Templates 01 Templates and Mom's Mental Health Bundle both by Connection Keeping Photo's are mine
  5. Fritillaire


    The fritillary is an emblematic plant of my region, characteristic by its purple and white checkerboard, and its head down.
  6. My Story - School Days

    My Story - School Days

    My Story Mega Collection | Karen Schulz Designs Mega: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-my-story-mega-collection-karen-schulz-designs.html
  7. Red Velvet

    Red Velvet

    The best ever jacket for photographing DD in Sweden in winter (Was actually mine, handed down to her then she grew out of it - she's well over 6ft and even taller than in these pics- and I lost weight so know it's mine again!)
  8. Breezy Dana Point

    Breezy Dana Point

  9. Our Journey Begins

    Our Journey Begins

  10. Da Boys!!

    Da Boys!!

    Our doggies!
  11. Everything Changed

    Everything Changed

  12. Winter magic

    Winter magic

  13. January moments

    January moments

  14. Top 5

    Top 5

  15. Snowy day

    Snowy day

  16. Let it snow

    Let it snow

  17. Snowscape


  18. If Not Now...

    If Not Now...

    Feeling a little pensive on this Sunday morning... Thank you for looking. The journaling reads: As a teen, I obsessed about my looks no more than others. I wasn't hideous, but I didn't have the luscious curls of some of my classmates or the dazzling smile of those who were popular with the...
  19. 22-11_rjefferies-allthelittlejoys


  20. Hotel life

    Hotel life

    My sister and I living in a motel.