Drömmen om den röda stugan

Drömmen om den röda stugan

The red cottage is the epitome of the Swedish idyll and is as much a place as a time where we get the opportunity to be ourselves and to meet each other.
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ArtPlay Palette Lavaliere Collection **on sale**

ArtPlay Palette Lavaliere
ArtsyTransfers Lavaliere
Lock and Key No 1
MultiMedia Lock and Key No 1
https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Secret-WordART-Mix-No.-1.html]Secret WordART Mix No 1

Process: I started with an artsy paper from ArtPlay Palette Lavaliere. I placed a transfer from the APP to the left side and the blending mode was set to Color Burn. I placed my photo and added a mask to it. I inverted the mask and used the Gradient Tool and brushes to paint it back. I added adjustment layers for Levels and Curves. Then I placed the key and lock from MultiMedia Lock and Key No 1. I duplicated it and the blending mode was set to Soft Light for the copy. Then I placed a transfer from ArtsyTransfers Lavaliere along the right side. I only used a few layers and with a various of blending modes to darken this side. I finished the layout with the wordtransfer from Secret WordART Mix No 1 set to blending mode Subtract, a brush placed below the photo from Lock and Key No 1 and the tag from ArtPlay Palette Lavaliere
So charming with lots of windows and I can't explain how the little tag with the lace makes perfect sense, but it does. Hygge maybe? ;)
Underbar! Inget är väl så svenskt som en röd liten stuga med knutar i vitt?! Underbar blending.
It looks like a very cozy place to gather. Beautiful blending.
Congratulations on the newsletter feature.

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