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how did you fold the frame and photo? Love that! Stunning colors and really love all of the flowers tucked into the fold.
Folding a corner is easy. Cut a triangular shape from the corner of a rectangle (or square)
Place it in a separate layer.
Go to filters distort> warp and curve the larger end.
Place the warped triangle over the rectangle and line it up with the diagonally cut edge.
Clip a paper to the folded piece
Add shadow under the triangle the merge or link with the rectangle.
hint: Do this with a frame then keep the two sections as a template to use again. You can then clip papers onto the frame to get different looks.
Now this is Fall! Beautful photo and perfectly showcased. And thanks for the tutorial!
Stunning photo and layout design! The flowers exploding from the folder corner are my absolute favourite!
Oh my goodness. This is gorgeous...and totally what my heart is longing for right now. I do so miss the colors of fall and you totally rocked this challenge. Love the flowers tucked under the corner of the picture. And the blues and rusts...perfect combination.

Plus...thank you for explaining your steps for doing the photo turned over. I've never done that!
What a beautiful photo, Karen! I love your folded corner, too! I've done this before many moons ago, lol! I'll have to give it another try! Your page is just beautiful Love your clustering and layering around the photo!
OH my actual goodness......this is SO STUNNING!!!!!! I apologize for being so late in seeing this...life has been UGH since the end of July...I just can't stop looking at it...the beautiful photo and papers just work so well together!!! Thank you for using my papers <3

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