Challenge # 1 Artist Inspiration.jpg

Challenge # 1 Artist Inspiration.jpg

This is an extraction of a pedestrian blended into a background photo. The inspiration comes from Leonid Afremov who painted in bold colours. I noticed that many of his paintings looked like wet rainy scenes so, as I come from the 'wet coast" of Canada I thought it only fitting to do a rainy day page.
The background papers chosen echo the bold colours and rainy feel.
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Wonderful! I thought of Vicki's backgrounds the minute I saw the challenge. They are perfect for your beautiful art. Love the bright colors. ♥
This is beautiful! I love how you explained your inspiration. I think that I may need to go pick up some of Vicki's stuff for this challenge! Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful blending, Karen! I, too, noticed how so many of his paintings were of rainy scenes! Lovely page!
Beautiful! This is the perfect page for this challenge! Don't know how you even did it but it's marvelous!

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