Calm yourself, not the storm
Life sometimes resembles a wild, unpredictable storm that hits me from all sides. I am constantly faced with challenges, setbacks and unexpected events that sometimes throw me off balance. Often I frantically try to control the situation, ride out the storm and keep everything in place. But sometimes I feel that the harder I try, the more the storm seems to rage.

The truth is that I have no control over the external circumstances. i cannot stop the storm or change the direction of the wind. But what I can do is change the way I deal with it. Instead of spending all my energy trying to calm the storm, I can choose to calm down.

I can choose not to be overwhelmed by the chaos, but instead focus on my inner strength and calmness. By calming myself, I create a positive influence on the storm around me. Then I gain a kind of inner calm that allows me to continue to think clearly, act with wisdom and respond peacefully to what is happening around me. It's like finding a safe haven in the midst of the turbulent sea. It is not always easy, but it is possible.

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