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Created For The "AnnaLift" Challenge : 06/10/22 - 06/24/2022 :
Layout To Lift : Yellow By Sylvia : Link : Yellow by Sylvia

Great! layout Inspiration!!!...I am always a fan of Bold! color!!!...Perfect opportunity To take advantage of this idea/theme...I wanted to do something art graphic-y...or like graffiti art themed...using 3 of Anna's specific collections..."Metro Graffiti/City Limits/Cosmopolis"...They sound like they kinda all go together...Well...they did!...I honestly could have played all day with these Amazing! Palettes!!!...I used a lady from Foxey Squirrel & some of her flowers...but everything else is Anna's...Except the multiple photos & extractions done by me...Thanks for the Great! challenge...

My Specific Inspirations :

#1. The use of Multiple photos/faces...LOL!...[My list of photo credits is gonna be massive!...]
#2. Bold! color...[in my case colors...with a focus on the color Red! but the color yellow is there too...]
#3. Bold Black Titles
#4. Multimedia elements
Credits list
ArtPlay Palette City Limits : Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Metro Graffiti : Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Cosmopolis : Anna Aspnes
Art Word Art Mix No.1 : Anna Aspnes
Coldish : Foxeysquirrel

Additional Photos\Graffiti WA Art Courtesy Of :

Nick Frwings : Unsplash
Jon Tyson : Unsplash
Maria Saldivar : Unsplash
Blende 12 : Pixabay
Flora Westbrook : Pexels
Ehimetalor Alchere Unuabona : Unsplash
Rafael Barros : Pexels
Erik Torres : Unsplash
Joel Filpe : Unsplash
Niranjan Photographs : Unsplash

*The Photo I Created In The Deep Dream Generator : Deep Style : No Fear : Live It : Original Photo :
Courtesy Of : Hosein Shirvani
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Just WOW! Such details I can't take it all in. I like the backward signs, it gives the impression you are not on track. I'll have to use that in something.
wow! Amazing layout! I love the bright colours and the backwards signs made me look to see if there were any more!!
Amazing and creative take on the challenge! I love the depth, richness, and expressions of the images.
Wow. So much ART to see and just a little bit of crazy. Need to have it where I can keep studying. ;)
Rhonda, love the bright colors and the fabulous faces, word art, backward signs on your stunning page!
Something about this says wrapping paper to me. I think this would make a wonderful gift wrap. Great attention to detail.

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