AnnaColor Challenge 08.07.2020 - Natural Order

AnnaColor Challenge 08.07.2020 - Natural Order

AnnaColor Challenge 08.07.2020 - Natural Order

aA stains, splatters, brushes, stitches, transfers, paper, fotoblends, & magic sprinkles
One of my fractals

While working with fractals on a day when news about the virus was disturbing, I thought often about the natural order of things and how the numbers and formulas gave me peace. I liked numbers of course, but the death toll bothered me a lot. It was hovering above 1,000 a day.
Love your fractal! A beautiful celestial design, calming in the midst of chaos!
That number is so hard to comprehend. It is the natural order but we are used to controlling the order, I think. Anyway, the fractal is beautiful - it reminds me of a nautilus shell, but more beautiful.
Your beautiful artwork has been featured as an aAmazing ARTist Standout on the Fans of Anna Aspnes' Digital Art Face book page!

link: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10157405826333671&set=gm.3068556659879548

aAmazing ARTist Standout for August 8 is ... Natural Order by isDK. A beautiful depiction of the "universe" using one of her gorgeous fractal designs! Love the flow between the two pages and the scattering of stars!
Beautiful fractal. I like how it appears to be rolling up and unrolling at the same time. Congratulations on the Stand Out.
This is so fluid and beautiful. Truly outstanding work, and so worthy of a StandOut!

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