What Are You?

What Are You?

There were two babies in the 2nd barn swallow brood. (Originally 3, but one sadly died.) This is a photo of the last bird before he flew the nest. He's looking at me like "what are you?" Because I often took photos, the birds weren't afraid of me, they just couldn't figure out what I was?

Oh, the big white feather in the nest was Papa's contribution before Mama started nesting. Not sure what it is, anyone know?

Used Anna Aspnes' Photo Cover Template.

Thanks for looking.
The frame grouping is gorgeous! I love the feathery brush work on the photo!
Love the natural elements framing and page design! All of our babies have fled, but they were fun to watch while growing.
He's so cute....I love that he would just look at you, curiously. LOVE the feathered frame and template!
Perfection! You couldn't have gotten a better expression on the little guy's face. Your nest work is excellent.
Such a very sweet little bird, he has kept you company for a while in this bad time, I love your framing, it look like it is his nest, I love the white space, you made an awesome page!!
Oh, how I love this layout! Our last babies disappeared 2 days ago; I was glad to get one final photo. The natural elements you used set the photo off perfectly. Standing O for you! https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=39741&page=5
Love that white feather, maybe a goose? And the nest materials. Cute. I'm a huge fan of white space, but my book needs a little less. Yay on the Standing O.
He is so cute!!! That look, though! :) I have no idea what the big white feather is but it's so pretty. I love your nest-like border on bottom of photo, just extends that little nest beautifully.
Oh my gosh this is so cute - I had baby mourning doves and they are so fun to watch grow and fledge - love your framing!

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