THERAPY, because I am reading a book on the Chernobyl disaster. To be able to read through the stories all the way through, my soul needs a little therapy.
The Pandemic is still raging in our world for a while, but this other story may not have come to me by accident.
The page shows a photo of the writer with two other photos from Pixabay: https://pixabay.com/hu/photos/chernobyl-pripyat-kos%C3%A1rlabda-3501737/ , https://pixabay.com/hu/photos/atom-atomer%C5%91m%C5%B1-elhagyatott-3669812/ .
(TERPIA, mert a csernobili katasztrfrl szl knyvet olvasok. Ahhoz, hogy vgig tudjam olvasni a trtneteket, a lelkemnek kzben egy kis terpira van szksge.
A pandmia mg egy ideig tombol a vilgunkban, de ez a msik trtnet taln nem vletlenl jtt elm.
Az oldalon az rn fotja lthat kt msik fotval a Pixabay-rl.)

***NEW - AnnaRelease 7 Aug 2020*** AR7Aug2020
ArtPlay Palette Twilight Zone_SolidPaper2;EdgeOverlay;Brush15;BirdShadowD APPTwilightZone
Twilight Zone FotoBlendz No. 1_2 TwilightZoneFBNo1

Also used:
ArtPlay Palette Ablaze_EdgeOverlay
Journal Transfer No. 1_2 JournalTransferNo1

Recommended tutorial: Prismatic Digital Artistry and Scrapbooking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me5pSO2Q8T4&t=30s

You have opened a new document. He put on the Solid Paper. Then the Edge Overlay, which he colored black. You deleted the right and left edges. | He posted a photo of the writer. He used a layer mask. | Added the Twilight Zone FotoBlendz.psd file. He made copies of one of the photos, which he cut into masks. He blended the other photo. | He wrote an introductory text as well as a title. Modified by Drop Shadow, Outer Glow. | He copied quotes from the book. | Decorated by BirdShadow, Brush.

Thanks for looking!
I do not speak English. I'm using Google Translator - sorry! I will answer your question!
Stunningly beautiful page of a horrendous accident! I love how you blended everything so beautifully together with gorgeous colors. I don't know if I could read such a book during this pandemic.
Stunning blending! Fascinating I am certain, but I am not sure this would be very good therapy for me...I suppose it would put life in "perspective".
The blending of the photos is fabulous. The empty chair cries out its sadness. A very thought provoking page
It's quite a story. Lovely work. Creating definitely can help to soothe frayed nerves.

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