anna aspnes-digital designs-artplay palette narcissus-nadams-orlean.jpg

anna aspnes-digital designs-artplay palette narcissus-nadams-orlean.jpg

for the AnnaLift inspired by Applechick

My great-grandfather named is youngest daughter Orlean in 1890. Orlean is a name handed down from mother to daughter to great- granddaughter.

Each has the same dark eyes and dark hair.
Credits list
APP Narcissus Artsy paper 1, transfers, stains, frame
APP Frondescence Dried Flower
Button Threadz No. 1 and 5

APP Narcissus Artsy Paper No. 1 creates the foundation. The photos were set in place. The photos were converted to black and white and sepia. The Blending Modes were adjusted for blending. Softlight on the oldest photo on the left and the middle photo was duplicated and adjusted to overlay and soft light. The dried flower creates an edge for the blended photos. This was stitched to the surface with the button threadz.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Reactions: zlemon
Beautiful blending and photos of the 3 generations! Love the framing. We have a name that's been used for 3 generations also.
Beautiful photos and blending. Love the colors and the bits of lace, and there's that doily crown I love so much but still haven't used.
A great idea and beautiful page! Thanks for the inspiration, I think I will try and lift your page if you don't mind!
Beautiful look at these three generations. Love that there is a name they share and that you are able to document some of their physical similarities.
Love your family story and you showed their resemblances so well. And with beautiful typography, colors and textures. ;)

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anna aspnes-digital designs-artplay palette narcissus-nadams-orlean.jpg
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