anna-aspnes-digital-art-scenic-template-album-7 Seaside Stories

anna-aspnes-digital-art-scenic-template-album-7 Seaside Stories

My poor hubby - the little choo choo and the screen door to keep out bugs seemed like good ideas ... :)
NEW Scenic Template Album 6 + ArtPlay Prismatic.
The photo on the left was realistic but dark so kind of boring. Lots of textures and Transfers jazzed it up.
On the right are duplicated frames from Scenic 7 + a frame from Travel 6 to keep with my summer travel theme. Tickets are extractions.
Elements added to form Visual Triangles.
Credits list
Scenic Template Album 7
Travel Template Album 6
ArtPlay Prismatic Classic Collection, including Color WordArt Mix (title)
MultiMedia Flowers 6 (large flower recolored vis Hue-Saturation adjustment)
Inked Words Memories 1 (story)
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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The best pages for me are the ones that bring back moments that would otherwise just fade into the blur. Love your groupings, flowers on left and photos on right, so calm waters (hehe) are almost serving as white space.
I love the beautiful seaside image coupled with the frames on the right hand page to bring in your memories.
Beautiful seaside scape! Love the cluster of photos on the right and how the flower on the left balances the page!
Really like how this works with the photos on the right and the cluster on the left with the beautiful sea between. Cher doesn't look like she's coming back in any time soon in that photo. One day you'll have a photo of Oz riding on his own as a follow up to this :)
I saw this on Instagram but somehow missed it here. I would really love to see a deconstruct of this on aAConnect if you're willing. Love the way the transfers help color the photo.
Such a beautiful layout!! the blending is perfect and the textures on the top are awesome.

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