Colour Me Happy

A fun day out with her Dad for Tayha. Created with the Artplay Prismatic Collection On Sale now with a 55% discount and now includes the coordinating ArtsyTransfers until September 28, 2022 at 9am EST.
Credits list
Artplay Palette Prismatic
De Facto FotoBlendz No.1 (available on its own or part of the De Facto Collection until the 21st September)
MultiMedia Documents No. 5
Color Colour WordART Mix No. 1

Process The Foundation of this layout was created by placing a Solid Paper and the Double Frame from the Collection onto the Background Layer. Two copies of my Focal Image were adjusted to a sepia colour and clipped to the Mask Layer. The second copy of the image was set to a Screen Blending Mode at 26%. A Transfer was clipped to the image with an Overlay Blending Mode applied. WordTransfers, Transfers, and Paper Layers from the MultiMedia Files were placed below the Frame. My supporting image was clipped to a FotoBlendz with Transfers placed below the Clipping Mask. Splatters and Dimensional elements were placed on top of the layout. A Transfer was clipped to the Beaded Theadz with a Color Burn Blending Mode applied. A little journaling completed the page.
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Beautiful page. I adore the photo, the frames, the background, and your processing of the Beaded Threadz. ♥
Beautiful photo :)
Really like it over the photo of the cars to show the day out part and love the coloring of the beads.

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