It was Adryane's layout with the Meraki collection that inspired me to use the collection for these photos of crochet/fiber art that I saw at PDX airport.
They're not great photos since they were taken through glass, but I feel so good about the attention crochet is getting these days. The artist is Jo Hamilton.
Also inspired by last week's AnnaLift, I wanted to include both a large and small version of my focal image.
I used the Meraki Artsy Layered Template, placing all layers on the right, clipping one image to the round frame, then a second, in Overlay Mode, between transfer layers of the template.
The title added diagonal flow. I decided to clip another copy of the image to the word "art".
I had 3 more photos, so I got some frames and masks from FotoInspired Template 3A page 4.
I included descriptions from the exhibit (wanted to do a QR code, but I forget how to do it. May update later).
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Wow, awesome! During our travels in the pre-Covid times, I would typically get flummoxed when returning home and trying to portray the artwork that we encountered in my pages. Your layout is inspiring!
Love this great Art page, so beautiful to see. Thanks you let know about Jo Hamilton, such a great art, I´m fan since yesterday!
Wow, the crochet art is beyond cool. Your fab layout really does the work justice. I bet it was an amazing feast of color for your eyes.
Wow. Very impressive exhibition. Love the colorful representation in your layout.
I like the use of two pictures in one frame with overlay mode. I ‘ll give it a try!
I would never have thought to use the Artplay palette in this way but it looks tremendous! Love your spread!
Great story and layout! Love the title 'ART' clipped to the yarn. Wonderful job!
Terrific pages! Imagination and a crochet hook or two - amazing. I looked up her work and think the image you highlight on the right is one of her best. Her pieces are so expressive.

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