When I saw this wordart of Anna, I immediately knew that it will be the main message of my page. Being a single mum I had to realize that being alone sometimes better choice than being in a bad relationship. So this is a page for me, and for everyone who feels lonely.

Creating process:
1. Firstly I placed the wordart onto the page, then I started to put various brushes below it.
2. I chose a solid paper as the background.
3. Then I added a phrase to Midjourney to generate a walking alone silhouette (style: loose ink sketching combined with watercolor painting). I placed the image and played with its Blending Options (Blend If: Grey, This layer: 0 - 164/255, Underlaying Layer: 0 - 255).
4. I added some elements with realistic drop shadows.
5. Finally I made the qoute: I used Chandler42 type. I wrote the text into 3 layers. I put behind all of these 3 layers new layers and using Lasso Tool selected nonregulation rectangular areas and filled them white. After it I added drop shadow to these layers, then created layers from them. I applied Wave filters on these layers (Filter > Distort > Wave...) and then Gaussian Blur filters (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur...).
Beautiful art and message. I love your generated silhouette. I've looked at Midjourney a couple of times and it just overwhelms me. And I really appreciate the details in your explanation.
I am happy for GSO! Your layout is a stunner. What you wrote about the meaning behind it pulls at my heartstrings.
Single mom for eleven years, then I met the love of my life, unfortunately in the 25 years together I lost him to cancer, almost 2 years ago. Your fantastic page says so much, I think I know how you feel but please go on.

Congrats on your well deserved GSO!!
I heart your message! And so creative presentation in this layout.
Thanks for the excellent description of the process! Your experience with Midjpurney makes me curious.

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