Inspiration – Okay I have taken a few sunrise pictures lately so here goes another sunrise page. What can I say I love them.
Start- File>New 12x12 300.
Playing – I couldn’t begin to explain what I did to get these results because it was playing and reversing and changing. But I worked with a gradient for a mask and lots of blending modes. Also, I duplicated and moved the sky so touched the top of the page. I used a mask to remove the non-sky area. Then I used Ctrl>Alt>Shift>E to create a combined layer and duplicated the layer. I used the smudge tool on the blur and colored the white strip of ice that made it look like a stripe in my picture. Lastly, I added a gradient on the top to brighten the sky where I had duplicated it. So just play with stuff and see what you can come up with.
Photo – My photo was placed on the page and then the play began.
Title Cluster – Used Multimedia Spring 3.2, added the square frame from the Framed Masks 1, the decorative brad, Word art.
Brush – Placed Brush 15 in the sky in an orange selected from the page and blurred it with a Gaussian blur.
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As a morning person, I say bring those sunrise photos on! This is gorgeous, and what a great setup for the day.

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