That time in 2017 when I was bridesmaid at Neve's play wedding (she was obsessed with playing bride when she was three!) - my outfit was a length of tulle tied round my head - absolutely perfect!

Started with a solid paper and then places transfers on top of one another, arranging until I had the composition right. My photograph is duplicated three times, two on overlay mode and one on colour burn 50% (certainly gets rid of the wrinkles...) Neve's photo is duplicated twice with one layer overlay and the other luminosity, I masked everything apart from the headdress in this layer, the luminosity mode gave the flowers a depth of colour I was looking for. I then started placing flowers from MM Spring, duplicating and changing size as well as leaves and stains and splatters. Last was the WordArt.
I love the angle of the photos, it gives great depth to your wonderful layout!
What a sweet memory to capture... Neve will one day say "Nana do you remember when...". Snow day here so I think I'll play with some of your techniques... especially the colour burn 50% wrinkle "helper". Will it work IRL? ;)
BIG SMILE!! Fabulous colorful and happy view - love the special bond between the two of you.
Great photo of you and lovely colorful floral arrangements. I will def be trying the wrinkle helper also.
How wonderful! The over-the-shoulder photo is perfect with the focal photo of Neve. The flower embellishment couldn't be better!
Love the imagination and how you joined in the play. Beautiful perspective and page. (I was always cast as the wicked witch or bad step-mother!) Lucky you!
One of the special moments that make digital art creation so special! Love the story about the tulle headdress. Lovely and dreamy!

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