Daily Ooos: May 4-5: Weekend Edition


Love my O Family!
Good morning ladies. It's been a busy wkend. I was doing some gluten free baking, the first batch of choc chip blondies turned out edible but too sweat and crumbly, another recipe I tried yesterday was so dry I had to throw it out and hopefully third time is the charm with a different recipe. My two go-to recipes got lost in the move somehow so I am trying to find a few more I like. If this third batch doesn't turn out the way I want then I will scrap the brownie idea and go to no bake oatmeal choc balls. My mexican train group is coming this afternoon so wanted a couple of snacks for them. I have the frustration game board out so will show them and see who might be interested in a game night with that soon. We have landscapers coming this afternoon to get the yard ready for the season. The only thing I should need to do (other than pull out the raised garden we don't want to keep) is to trim back the bushes along the front sidewalk. We are getting more birds in the yard. The last few days we've gotten big groups of waxwings, so the robins and blackbirds aren't happy with that. The little birds don't care. It's amazing to see the waxwings come swooping down in one big group. The are flying back and forth between 3 of the trees and one tree is small, I can't believe it can hold so many birds without collapsing. The eagle and hawk have been circling across the street, I am guessing there is something good in the field there. A deer walked up the side of the yard, past my office window yesterday and then hopped the fence to get out. First time I've seen them do it. They don't even hesitate, they just leap up 6 feet and over they go, so graceful.

Not much scrapping or tv watching this past week. I had 3 appts (GP, eye specialist and dentist). Happy to say the eye pressure has decreased, so everything is good.

I will catch up on personals maybe later tonight. Right now I need to get the brownies in the oven, shower/dress and then get Remi over to the park before company comes.

HAGD everyone.
Such good news on your eyes, Rae!
WOW! I would love to have all of those birds in my yard! We have several but different ones than you. Except for the hawks, robins and black birds! I guess they are everywhere! Our neighbors have chickens so the hawks are always flying around. Plus we live at the edge of the woods.


Love my O Family!
Morning, all. I am moving slowly this morning. I decided that it was time to get photos taken of my art rubber stamp collection and accessories to put on the local sales website. I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for 7+ years. I did both rubber stamping and digital for a few years but then switched over to all digital a few years ago. It is time to sell the rubber stamping stuff as I don't use them any more. I decided to do a 'local' sale as I have too many sets (200+ - all wood mounted sets) and inkpads, paper, etc to try to mail them. I also want to do bulk sales (all the stamps sets together; roller stamps, inkpads and handles in another; the SU inkpads, refills, storage stand, and markers in one group; specialty inkpads and refills in 3 other groups). I was crawling around looking in storage drawers and other places pulling things out, moving them to the kitchen island and taking photos, then putting them into plastic bins and itemizing what and how many. I left the stamp sets in the 2 bookcases but will be going through them to itemize how many alphabet sets, other type sets, etc and take a few photos of them. I am leaving the papers until the last as they are in crates that are buried behind/underneath other storage containers. Know I am missing a few things but will find them as I continue to look in the storage bins in the craft room. Needless to say, the body is stiff and sore from being on my knees and opening storage bins under the cutting table and other tight places. Today I hope to get the photos of some of the stamp sets and get a count of how many sets I have. At least those are easy to get to as they are in bookcases in the master bedroom - no crawling around to get to them!!! My goal is to get it organized, priced for each group and up on the website by the end of the month.

Guess the "spring cleaning" bug has bit me... with DD#3 getting ready for her garage sale coming up later this month. We were talking about my stamp collection when she was here and I decided I really needed to take care of getting rid of it. I also need to have a sale on my Red Hats and Red Hat clothes and other things. When I told her I had 45+ red hats... she gasped then LOL and said she would help when I was ready to have the sale. BTW, I didn't buy all those hats... my hubby bought about 2/3 of them for me... Every time he would see a red hat, he would either buy it or take me to the store to try it on and then buy it for me. I would take plain red hats and decorate them. Now that my RH chapters are closed (after 18 years) and I am no longer a member, it is time to sell them to other Red Hatters.

I am taking another day off from scrapping .... will go back to it on Monday. Don't have anything on the calendar until Tuesday, May 14th. Will be hosting the Gals Brown Bag Lunch then.

BBL for personals.
I've got a ton of stamps, etc. that I need to sell, too, Kay! I should try our Neighborhood site and see if I can get anything sold!