AFT Designs - JAN/FEB 2022 Challenge ** WITH A FREEBIE **


It's a new year! The start of a new year often feels like a fresh start for a lot of people. While we don't all make new year's resolutions, we do usually reflect on the past year and think about how things have changed or even just things that have just transpired over the last year (and I think we can all admit it's been quite a few years hasn't it?!)

The Challenge

This months challenge is very loose. Share and or create something that has changed for you in the last year, or something that you wish to change in the coming year.

  • The challenge will run from January 1st - Feb 28th. Create a layout about your change post it in the AFT Designs gallery, and then share it here with us in this thread as well.
  • I ask that the layout utilize at least 30-50% of items from my store. (Don’t overthink that percentage, just make sure some of my items are used pretty please)
  • Every layout you enter following the guidelines gets you one entry for the random prize!
  • Cheery-Os are eligible for the prize as well! (But you are only eligible one entry per challenge please)


A $5 coupon - which is good for anything in my store

And please share! When you post, feel free to tell us about your creative process or something about your layout.

New Bonus Prizes
  • Random months (I won't be telling you which, shhh) I'll be picking two winners, or maybe even upping the gift certificate prize (you know know in advance, you'll just have to participate!)
  • New this year, everyone that participates will be entered into a pot at the end of the year for a large super prize.

Also, you don't have to use this freebie in your layout, but just a way to say Happy New Year and thank you, please enjoy. Thanks so much, love you guys!



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Thanks for the freebie! Here's one from me.
I put items from the kit on a blank page and arranged them how I liked
then looked for a photo, background and added journaling.