aft designs challenge

  1. Indulge


    AFT DESIGNS - March/April 2022 Challenge Lyrics from Indulge-JONES AFT designs- Soft Celebration Mini Kit
  2. AFT Challenge.jpg

    AFT Challenge.jpg

    I had a hard time choosing a kit to use for this challenge as there are so many delightful ones from which to choose! Start singing your favourite some and try the AFT challenge.
  3. Let your flow

    Let your flow

    AFT Designs Designer Challenge Lyrics https://oscraps.com/community/threads/aft-designs-march-april-2022-challenge.35104/
  4. 22-03_AFT-challenge


    AFT DESIGNS - March/April 2022 Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/aft-designs-march-april-2022-challenge.35104/#post-619425 I used the lyrics of 'here comes the sun' from The Beatles ...
  5. Time Heals

    Time Heals

    Created for the AFT Designer challenge here - use lyrics of a song in your layout. I chose Autumn Leaves by Frank Sinatra - my latest favorite. I had never worked with AFT's designs and I enjoyed browsing through her store. When I came across these masked text templates - it was love at first...
  6. Got Ya!

    Got Ya!

    Created for the March/April AFT Challenge - using song lyrics on a layout. The lyrics from Blondie's One Way or Another seemed very apt for my layout documenting my daughter's positive covid test after more than 2 years of being so so careful!
  7. Eye of the Tiger-AFT-challenge-March-AFT

    Eye of the Tiger-AFT-challenge-March-AFT

    I love a lot of songs, but this one was fun to use because I've taken so many tiger photos.
  8. The Daffodil Lament

    The Daffodil Lament

    Done for the March/April 2022 AFT Designer Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/aft-designs-march-april-2022-challenge.35104/ I took a picture of these daffodils at church last Sunday and wanted to use it, so I did a google search for daffodil songs and found this one...
  9. Heron at the Birding Reserve, South Padre Island

    Heron at the Birding Reserve, South Padre Island

    First vacation with family since COVID began. Hoping for many more in the new year!
  10. New Beginnings

    New Beginnings

    We've barely gone anywhere because of COVID but in the new year, we have plans. This was a photo I took of a wolf at the Minnesota International Wolf Center.
  11. Memorable Autumn

    Memorable Autumn

    For AFT Designs - November 2021 Challenge using: Pepper Mini Kit by AFT Designs Found Foliage 1 by AFT Designs All Fall Embellishment Clusters by AFT Designs Brush Set: So Dreamy Blended by AFT Designs Font: Kaysan Signature
  12. 21-11_AFT_november-challenge


    AFT Designs - November 2021 Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/aft-designs-november-2021-challenge.34367/
  13. Leaves


    We have mostly green leaves, but a scattering of fall leaves too. This was a fun challenge. The cypress fall needles are the first to turn here.
  14. October AFT Challenge

    October AFT Challenge

    I just took these pictures yesterday, so I was delighted that this challenge was to use 3 pictures. My granddaughter and I went out and took random pictures. This curious cow walked over to see what we were doing. I also love this template, so I got to combine both. The kit, Alluring Autumn...
  15. Fun-at-the-Zoo-Giraffe--AFT-August-Challenge


    The August challenge was fun. I tend to want to create scenes, so it's fun to try things that are more artsy! I used AFT Celebrate Floral, Emb Template In This Moment Frames, Paper Temp Abso Blended, Adventure Freebie, Emb Template Celebrate Frames
  16. July AFT Challenge

    July AFT Challenge

    After over a year and lots of challenges, my daughter and her family finally got to move into their new home! That's cause for celebration! I used all AFT products.
  17. Designer AFT Challenge.

    Designer AFT Challenge.

    Photo taken by my Daughter.